Why Are Dogs Good For Security?

Written by Holly Savage

30th June 2022

Security dog handling solutions have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and it is now thought that security dog units can easily replace up to three security guards. But dogs aren’t only used to protect businesses as many homeowners will consider having a guard dog present to protect themselves against burglaries.

But why are dogs good for security? We’ll be discussing this and more, such as whether dogs can protect you from danger and the top five reasons why dogs are good security measures.

Can Dogs Be Used For Security?

Yes, dogs are often used within security. And they are vastly growing popular within the security industry. According to Omnisecurity, it’s rumoured that there are at least 5,000 working security dogs in the UK. Dogs often work alongside security guards and help guards provide businesses with a strong security presence.

What Type Of Dog Is Used For Security?

Many dogs can be used for security and some of the best dogs for security purposes would be dog breeds that are loyal, have quick reactions and good tracking senses. Some of the best security dogs are:


  • German Shepherds.
  • Dober Pinschers.
  • Akita.
  • Bullmastiff.
  • Rottweiler.

What Is The Best Dog For Security?

A lot of people wonder which dog breed is the best to use for security. And often depends on the type of security that you are looking for as some dogs will be ideal to protect a business while others may be more suited towards home security.

German Shepherd guard dogs are one of the most well-known security dogs. They often work alongside both the police and security guards due to their capability to track criminals, follow scents, and obey commands. German Shepherds are intelligent and capable working dogs that have an instinct to defend their territory and keep others away from harm. These high levels of intelligence mean they are loyal and easy to train, perfect for forming a strong bond and keeping any intruders away.

Other dog breeds such as the Doberman Pinscher and Staffordshire Terrier are also good dogs to use in security. They are both intelligent breeds that can be trained to protect and act as a form of security. These are great options for home security as they listen to commands and are loyal to their owners.

Are Huskies Good Security Dogs?

Although huskies may have an intimidating look, they aren’t really good at being security dogs. Huskies are often considered to be too friendly as they often have a playful temperament as they most often want to play with their owners. Another reason why huskies aren’t good guard dogs is that they are difficult to train.

best dog for security

Are Golden Retrievers Good Security Dogs?

Golden Retrievers typically aren’t security dogs due to their friendly personalities but with the right training, they can easily become one. Golden Retrievers are known to be loyal, quick learners and protective, and these are often ideal traits of a security dog.

Are Dogs Good For Home Security?

Dogs are a great way for homeowners to secure their homes, as they are often an ideal deterrent against burglars. A barking dog can often be a great way to alert anyone if a potential thief or trespasser is entering your property. And most dogs that are trained properly will be able to protect you if someone does try to break into your home.

Although dogs can stop a potential break-in, it is important to note that dogs shouldn’t be used as the only security measure that a home has. And instead, dogs should be used to protect your home alongside other security devices such as a security camera or alarm system.

why are dogs good for security

Which Dog Is Better For Home Security?

Although dogs are considered to be loyal creatures, many people wonder which dogs are the best just for home security. And honestly, it will not only depend on the dog breed, but it will also depend on the dog’s own temperature. The best dog for home security would be a dog that has quick reactions, keen listening skills and is loyal. Some of the best dog breeds for home security are:


  • Doberman Pinschers.
  • Staffordshire Terriers.
  • Giant Schnauzers.
  • German Shepherds.

Can Dogs Protect You From Danger?

Many people wonder if dogs for security reasons will be able to protect them from potential danger such as a criminal or an intruder. Security dogs are trained to be aggressive towards anyone they consider to be a potential threat. Not only does this frighten the offender, but it also protects the handler from harm.

There are many ways a security dog will protect their handlers or surveillance area from danger. For example, they are trained to respond to their owners’ commands and attack the intruder in a non-fatal matter.

However, due to their immense strength and determination, it is only permitted to use security dogs when a person capable of controlling them is on-site as stated in the 1975 Guard Dogs Act.


How Do Security Dogs Find Missing People? 

One of the biggest reasons why guard dogs are great for security is because they find missing people. Dogs can do this through air-scenting, trialling and tracking. These methods help dogs to search large areas quickly and they can help dogs to search without using items of clothing. 

Why Are Dogs Good For Security?

There are many reasons why dogs are good for security and make the perfect addition to security guards. We’ve listed our personal top five reasons why you should use dogs as security.

1. They Have Quick Reactions

Dogs have an incredible ability to react much quicker than humans, which proves to be very useful in the security field.

Their natural curiosity means they can detect any unusual sounds, scents, or movements almost instantly and will bark to inform others. These quick reactions mean they can stop criminals in action and prevent them from getting away.

are dogs good for home security

2. Dogs Are Loyal

Dogs are known for being incredibly loyal creatures, which is one of the main reasons for an estimated 13 million dogs being kept as pets in the UK.

They can develop a territorial instinct and become protective over what is theirs, such as the person they respond to or the home they live in. It is also very common to train dogs to follow instructions and respond only to one person while giving them their full attention.

security with dogs

3. They Are Highly Intelligent

As we have already established, dogs are highly intelligent animals who are able to pick up on things such as scent, sounds, and body language when trained. This skill is best put to use when sensing things out of the ordinary and will react to them accordingly.

dog security

4. Dogs are Natural Weapons

A big advantage for security dogs is that they have natural weapons to help defend themselves against danger as well as scare away those causing harm. Dogs have strong jaws, sharp claws, intimidating barks, and the speed to outrun those who dare escape.

can dogs protect you

5. They Motivate Others

It’s no secret that dogs make great companions for humans and having one trained alongside you at work is bound to motivate you. Security dogs will make their handlers feel more confident and safer with them by their side.

dogs for security

What Are The Worst Dog Breeds For Security?

We have discussed the best dog breeds for security, but many people wonder which are the worst. If you’re interested in knowing which dog breeds we wouldn’t recommend for security dog protection, why not look at our short?

So, Why Are Dogs Good For Security?

Overall, security dogs are always a good security measure to use when you are deciding what security you need. For example, if you’re hiring security for a construction site a security guard dog will be able to deter trespassers away from the site and will also provide your business with an extra layer of protection.

If you can think of any more reasons why dogs are good for security, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or if you would like to learn more about security guards, why not head over to our blog – where you can find articles about becoming a security dog handler?

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