Central Park Peterborough: How do we reduce the crime?
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6th July 2021

If you’ve opened this article, then you’re probably one of the many people in Peterborough concerned about the crime happening at the Central Park. Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure wherever they are, but it’s unfortunate that at the moment it’s impossible.

This issue has to be resolved to give the residents of Peterborough a peace of mind, therefore we’ve put together this article to look at the problem in detail and suggest some improvements.

Central Park Peterborough: History

As the main public park in the city of Peterborough, the Central Park holds a huge cultural and historical value to Peterborough and its residents, therefore it’s important to look at ways how we can protect this place from criminals and anti-social behaviour.

It is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year and has become the “jewel in the crown” of Peterborough, so it’s not surprising that people want to visit the Central Park, however it’s saddening that they don’t feel safe to do so.

The Park has been refurbished in the last few years, but it’s a shame that people can’t enjoy the facilities on offer.

Central Park Peterborough: The crime problem

Peterborough community members came together virtually to identify biggest issues of concern, and the Central Park in Peterborough was highlighted as one of those. People of Peterborough are aware of all the parks and green spaces, and are happy to have them, but because of the safety concerns, anti-social behaviour, and gang like behaviour, they feel like they can’t visit those spots in the city.

Citizens of Peterborough say that incidents often occur in the city and they never feel safe and secure. Business owners at the Central Park might suffer from this crime problem as well because they are at a risk of experiencing anti-social behaviour, operating their business at such a place.

What can be done to reduce crime?

People have mentioned that there’s never enough lighting in the dark spots, leaving them feeling vulnerable; some even requested that the presence of CCTV cameras is increased.

We believe that this issue and suggestion shows the importance of hiring a security company to protect a public space, its visitors and of course businesses. Having a 24 hour surveillance system can stop someone from committing a crime early.

Mobile Patrols can be another good option as the presence of security guards and mobile patrol units can reduce the risk of criminals bothering businesses and people. They can monitor open areas like schools and parks, so this could give the people of Peterborough a peace of mind.

Peterborough residents have brought up some concerns like the CCTV cameras being too expensive or nor deterring the criminals or just not being effective after a while, however a security company such as Security Company Peterborough can provide cost effective, tailored, and high quality solutions.

The Central Park in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is a really valued open space for people, however, can’t be enjoyed because of the crime. It’s important we take action to deal with this problem, so that residents of Peterborough can get all the benefits of the city they live in.

Security Company Peterborough are always there to support you and provide you with security services that can potentially help reduce the crime in places like parks, so you can visit your favourite places anytime.

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