Top 6 Construction Site Theft Prevention Tips

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25th January 2021

construction site theft prevention tips

Why Are Construction Site Theft Prevention Tips Needed?

When construction sites close down for the night and on weekends, they become highly susceptible to crime due to the lack of activity on site, therefore there are construction site security methods and measures you need to put into place to ensure that these crimes don’t take place. Construction site security is vital to deter and detect theft and vandalism on construction sites and keep people and valuables safe.

Every year the construction industry in the UK suffers losses of around £800 million due to crimes such as theft and vandalism and things look like they might only be getting worse. It’s reported that construction site theft increased by an estimated 50% during lockdown periods as sites were closed down due to COVID-19.

There are several measures you need to put into place to ensure your construction site is safe from these crimes. In this article, we will be providing you with all the best construction site theft prevention tips that will help to keep your site secure.

    Deter- Secure the Perimeter

    The first thing you should do for construction theft prevention is secure your perimeter and fences. Fences are imperative in keeping thieves, vandals, and trespassers out of construction sites and keep your valuables in. Having tall fences surround the perimeter of a construction site will deter criminals from trying to enter the construction site as well as making it harder to steal valuables. The more obstacles in the way of a thief, the less likely they are to steal.

    Using signage on these fences such as ‘CCTV in use’ and ‘no trespassing’ will also give a warning to criminals that your site is secure and protected and this will deter any criminal activity. Region security provides the appropriate signage for all construction sites we keep safe to ensure trespassers are deterred, as do most other security companies.

    Detect -Use a Surveillance System

    It’s vital to be able to detect any criminal activity that is happening on site. This can be achieved through placing security cameras around the construction site and having an alarm system in place to protect the entire site. Not only will having visible cameras deter theft and trespassing, but they will also provide a visual record of evidence if any criminal activity does occur. Using alarms will bring attention to any criminal activity that is taking place, as well as acting as a deterrent to thieves.

    Using a CCTV monitoring service, like the one we offer here at Region Security will ensure your site is being monitored 24/7 to prevent crime. Our CCTV monitoring provides constant support and routine checks to make sure your site is safe. Check out our CCTV monitoring page to find out more information about our service.

    Keep Your Site Well Lit

    Ensuring you construction site is well-lit is a very effective and easy way to stop crime. Most criminal activity at construction sites take place at night due to the lack of people on site and the lack of light, making it easier to commit crimes unseen. Not only will it make it easier for any thieves or trespassers to be seen, but it will also deter criminals from attempting to gain access as they will wish to remain hidden and out of site.

    Hire Security Officers

    Another way to stop construction site theft is by hiring security guards to guard your premise. Having security officers on-site at all times is the most effective and reliable way to secure and protect a construction site. Security officers can help prevent crime from happening on your construction site in many ways. Their presence will deter criminals and ensure that any criminal activity is stopped immediately. The duty of a construction security guard is to patrol the construction site and ensure all areas are secure and look over any equipment. Security officers can also control any visitors entering and exiting the site to ensure no trespassing takes place.

    Many security companies have their own security vehicles that also help prevent crime, as criminals will see the vehicle and know that the construction site is being protected. Security dog handlers can  also be hired to add extra protection to your construction site. Check out our security dog handling page to get more information on how security dogs can help protect your business.

    Construction security officers can deal with all incidents on site as they are happening and report crimes to the police immediately to ensure there is minimal damage caused to your construction site. Have a look at our construction security page to see how our security officers can help protect your site.

    Access Control

      Controlling who enters your construction site is a major factor in keeping it secure. Gated access will allow you to monitor who enters and leaves the site and ensure only authorized visitors can enter. Having a signing in and signing out system in place will also allow you to monitor visitors to your construction site and keep a record of people on site during certain times.

      Lock Away Valuables

      Locking away any valuables that are left on site will protect them against theft and vandalism. It will also enable you to better monitor and keep track of your valuables to ensure nothing is lost or misplaced. Making sure all machinery and equipment is secured within your site will also stop theft and vandalism from taking place.


      These 6 security tips are vital in keeping your construction site secure in 2021. Taking the time to ensure these safety measures are in place and paying for quality security will not only save you money due to decreased loss from theft, but it will also give you peace of mind that your construction site is safe.

      Hiring security staff couldn’t be quicker or easier to do. Simply fill out our short free request a quote form or get in touch with us to see what services we can provide for you and your construction site to keep your business safe. We offer a price promise guarantee which ensures we will match or beat any competitors’ price for security services.

      To find out any more information on what construction site security services we offer have a look at our construction security company page to see how we can help your company stay safe.

      To keep to update with all the latest construction news, head over to our news page where you can find articles explaining how to stay safe on a construction site and why it is important to have construction site security.

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