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About Our Dog handling security:

At Region Security Guarding, we provide premium Security Dog handling units straight to your premises. With a security dog unit being able to effectively replace up to 3 security guards due to how potent of a threat to criminals they stand.

Dogs have unrivalled senses when it comes to this type of work and it is why they have been used for thousands of years when it comes to tracking.

With their keen sense of smell and their sharp eyesight, it isn’t uncommon for a dog to be alerted to the presence of a criminal long before the security guard or even security systems would know they are there

Our security dog handling services are provided nationwide leading ultimately to a more secured Britain. On top of this, all of our security dogs live with their handlers, meaning this creates a strong connection and bond between the dog and handler, thus enabling them to communicate more effectively and work as a more potent force. These dog units are also a lot more effective than a security system, as whilst camera and other alarm systems are useful in detecting crime, it doesn’t stop them, allowing the criminal to get away with the damages before police are able to show up and apprehend the person in question.

Why choose our Security Dog Handling Services

As crime continues to rise so too do our standards, to this end our security dogs are capable of standing up to the toughest acts of crime.

To this end, our security dog handling services are the highest quality in the industry, with very few being able to compete with our level of total and complete security provided by our services.

Another aspect we focus on that a lot of security companies ignore is discretion, being able to be discrete whilst working is difficult due to how much of an area we may have to patrol.

However with our security dog handling units in place, there is no worrying about them disturbing the coming and goings of your day to day business life.

security dog handling


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