It’s as necessary to modern life as the water we drink and the food we eat, with such a rapidly moving society, having a constant need to evolve our living, working and leisure spaces is only natural.

However, with such a large emphasis on building our society up, the seedy underbelly of the criminal world is just as determined to tear it down. With some frightening statistics to work off of, we start to paint a picture that despite the hard hats and regulations, construction sites are far from safe.

Let’s take a look shall we:

  • £800 million a year is estimated to be lost from theft alone
  • Over 7,000 metal-related thefts recorded per month in the UK alone
  • 92% of construction industry professionals have experienced theft weekly, monthly or yearly
  • 91% of industry professionals have experienced vandalism

Now these are some shocking numbers to say the least. With an overwhelming majority of security professionals seeing theft and vandalism, it is practically guaranteed that a construction site of any size is going to run into trouble at some stage during the project.

To this end, Region Security Guarding has worked tirelessly to come out on top when it comes to construction security, ensuring all of our guards are fully SIA licensed and have over 10 years of experience before being considered for the running is just one part of the rigorous vetting and training process.

It’s not enough however to just have quality security guards, tackling the cataclysmic 92% of thefts requires a deep understanding of the construction industry, the ins and outs of the day to day as it were. We are committed to not only being at the top of our game but to constantly learn and evolve as techniques, equipment and materials grow.

We are able to hand craft a tailored, bespoke security solution for any construction or building site, we will analyse your needs and how best to implement our security forces in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and seamless integration with your workers.

Challenges with protecting a construction site 

Protecting a security site comes with its own set of unique challenges, being able to effectively secure all areas of a building site takes a lot of planning to do and this is down to 3 key factors that differ in comparison to something like a retail store.

  1. Constant movement. Construction sites are inherently busy, with the hustle and bustle of potentially hundreds of workers it is difficult to keep track of the ones that should be there, and those who have ill intent

  1. Large amount of access points. With construction sites requiring large amounts of heavy materials and tools, not only are a lot of different ways to access the site necessary but also the access points have to be very easy for larger trucks to enter and exit at will.

  1. Vehicles. A lot of larger scale construction projects require vehicles to be stored on site and as such it can be difficult finding the capability to secure these vehicles in a cost-effective manner.

Whilst there are plenty more different security worries when it comes to the smooth running of a construction site, these are the main 3 that you should generally make sure are dealt with.

However, dealing with these problems is a lot easier said than done, being able to confidently pick out a security team for your company can be a challenge unto itself. There are several factors that go into picking a security company, from checking they are fully SIA licensed, to seeing how much experience they have and the list goes on.

With Region Security Guarding leading the charge in the security industry, we are committed to providing your workplace with the security it deserves, with over 10 years of experience, we are more than capable of seeing any job through from start to finish. On top of this, all of our work is entirely bespoke, enabling us to work with you and your company to figure out the most effective and affordable security plan for your business. With our price promise guarantee, we promise to meet or beat any of our competitors quotes ensuring you get the most value for your money.

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