What Are The Benefits Of CCTV?

Written by Lauren Davison

28th October 2021

In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for security and surveillance systems has never been greater. Closed-Circuit Television, commonly known as CCTV, has emerged as an invaluable presence in our daily lives, offering a watchful eye that ensures safety and peace of mind.

From safeguarding our homes and businesses to enhancing public safety in our cities, CCTV has become an integral part of modern society.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of CCTV surveillance and explore the question of what are the benefits of CCTV? We’ll uncover the technology’s evolving role in deterring crime, protecting property, and enhancing overall safety. 

What is CCTV?

CCTV systems are commonly employed for security, monitoring, and surveillance purposes. CCTV cameras are tailored to specific needs, and there are a diverse range of security camera options available.

For instance, dome cameras are ideal for indoor security, as they’re discreetly positioned in domed enclosures and offer wide-angle views.

Bullet cameras are more noticeable and are often used for outdoor monitoring with their long-range focus.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras can be remotely controlled to change the direction and zoom level, allowing for versatile coverage.

It’s all about identifying the right type of CCTV camera for your requirements.

CCTV Systems Can Provide Camera Footage For Evidence

One of the benefits of CCTV, is that the footage can be used as evidence. The authorities often make use of footage collected from security cameras to solve crimes. For instance, out of all the crimes that occurred on the British railway network between 2011 and 2015, CCTV was available to investigators in 45% of cases and deemed useful in 29%. Thanks to this evidence, the chances of crime being solved by the British Transport Police were significantly increased.

Additionally, technological advancements have made it easier for the authorities to comb through hours of CCTV footage. This indicates that security cameras are regarded as a valuable tool by law enforcement.

what are the benefits of cctv?

CCTV Can Help With Crime Prevention

The second benefit of CCTV is that they can be a effective dettterant of crime. For example, CCTV cameras can prevent burglaries and provide valuable visual evidence if an incident occurs.

In England and Wales, there has been over 267 burglaries recorded since last year. And while CCTV security won’t prevent all crime, research has shown that a significant number of burglars won’t target a home if there are noticeable cameras.

These become more effective when paired with other tools, such as bright outdoor lighting, a roaming neighborhood watch, and indications of alarms. It’s clear that investing in a CCTV security system is worthwhile if you’re worried about your home being targeted by burglars.

CCTV Can Improve Customer Services

Regardless of what industry it belongs in, a business will only be successful if it manages to satisfy its customers. However, ensuring this is impossible since you can’t be on the premises at all times to check whether every person who comes in leaves only when they’ve fulfilled their needs and wants.

A CCTV security system will enable you to do just that, though. Not only can you watch the premises remotely, but the recorded footage can also be used to evaluate an employee’s performance or the merits of a particular stock. In short, installing cameras will allow you to increase the quality of service that your business provides to customers.

cctv can improve customer service

Improved Home Insurance Rates

Security cameras are usually associated with businesses. However, even residential areas can benefit from them. As previously mentioned, they reduce a homeowner’s chances of being targeted by a burglar.

Not only will this decrease their insurance rate on the property, but it also means that the provider won’t find it easy to question or refuse their claim.

To add to that, a CCTV security system provides evidence in case the property owner needs to file a claim for damaged or stolen assets. This would be instrumental in ensuring that they receive all that’s owed to them.

advantages of cctv

Surveys Private Or Sensitive Areas

Most businesses have private or sensitive places that are off-limits to unauthorised persons. For instance, retail stores restrict access to the area behind the cashier’s counter, while chefs will do everything to secure their recipe locker from prying eyes. These kinds of locations will undoubtedly benefit from security cameras.

Given how fierce competition has become, businesses must invest in the latest technology to protect their trade secrets. Among the many ways that they can do so is by installing a CCTV security system.

CCTV Can Provide Peace Of Mind

Another of the multiple advantages of CCTV is the peace of mind it can provide.

The power of CCTV to monitor various areas of your site and the freedom of choice you have in stress such as the number of cameras and the types of CCTV cameras you can install, mean you rest assured that your site is protected.

cctv can provide peace of mind

CCTV Can Reduce Security Costs

Another of the benefits of CCTV is that as a security measure, they can help reduce your security costs.

While you may have to hire multiple security guards to monitor your site and require long shifts, a CCTV system can be more efficient. When it comes to CCTV monitoring, you have can monitor your entire site at one time.

cctv can reduce security costs

Handling Disputes

When it comes to the question of what are the benefits of CCTV? providing evidence in a wide range of situations is one of the key advantages.

If there was a workplace disagreement between two of your employees or a customer and an employee for example, having your CCTV system in place can help you get to the bottom of the issue and work out exactly what happened.

cctv can be used to help handle disputes

Protects Against Fake Liability Lawsuits

Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of the legal system by filing fake liability lawsuits against companies. These can come in the form of deliberately slipping on the ground, claiming that an intentionally damaged product was defective, and placing unwanted substances on their food but later saying that they had found it during the meal.

As frivolous as these lawsuits are, some of them end up costing companies a ton of money. To make sure that yours is protected, install a CCTV security system on areas frequented by customers, such as the main shop floor and the bathrooms. This way, you can easily prove your version of events when people claim that your business caused them a ton of physical, emotional, or financial damage.

cctv can be used alongside other security measures

CCTV Can Be Used Alongside Other Security Measures

Just one of the many advantages of CCTV is that it can be used as part of a collective security solution.

Alongside your site security guards, security alarms you have in place and any access control, CCTv cameras can work alongside other security measures to provide your business with a strong and visible security presence.

So, What Are The Benefits Of CCTV?

Nowadays, worrying about your safety and security is no longer regarded as an overreaction. Rather, people are willing to invest in the latest technologies to ensure that they, their loved ones, their properties, and their assets are protected at all times.

If you want to avoid excessively worrying, though, then installing a CCTV security system would be your best option. Besides allowing you peace of mind, it also gives you an added layer of protection in case law enforcement needs to be involved.

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