Are Dummy Security Cameras Effective?

Written by regionadmin

28th March 2023

Many homeowners may use dummy security cameras as another way to protect their property, but how effective are they? In this article, we will be uncovering why people use fake security cameras, how dummy cameras work, and whether or not they should be used instead of a real CCTV camera.

What Is A Dummy CCTV Camera?

A dummy CCTV camera, also known as a fake security camera, is a fake replica of a real CCTV camera. These devices will have an appearance of a real security camera but in hindsight, they will not contain any of the real functions or features that real cameras will have.

Most fake security cameras will be made from plastic, steel or aluminium and they can be designed to look like Dome security cameras, C-Mount cameras, and Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Are Dummy Security Cameras Effective?

The most important question asked about dummy security cameras is whether they are effective. And well, dummy CCTV cameras can be effective in some ways as they can often give the impression that they are a real camera which is recording footage to protect a property. And dummy cameras can sometimes suggest to burglars that a home has good CCTV security in place.

However, dummy security cameras aren’t effective in providing proper protection to your property as they won’t review blind spots on your home, and they don’t actually record any footage. Having a decoy security camera placed on your property allows it to be vulnerable because if a burglar does break-in into your home, you won’t have any evidence of this attack.

Do Dummy Security Cameras Work?

Fake security cameras do work as an effective decoys, and the main way that they work is through their appearance. At first glance or from a far distance, a fake CCTV camera can appear to be real. Aside from having the design features of a CCTV camera, fake cameras will also have built-in features to help create an illusion.

One of these features is having a small blinking LED red light, and this feature is used to give the impression that the camera is live. Another feature that dummies cameras have is motion detection features, which is where the fake camera will move periodically to give the impression that it is surveying different areas on a property.

fake security camera

Do Dummy Cameras Flash?

Yes, most security dummy cameras will use light features to give the impression that it is flashing. Having flashing features on a fake camera can be effective as it makes the camera seem real and it will give the impression that the fake camera is recording real-time footage.

Do Fake Security Cameras Deter Thieves?

It is possible for a dummy CCTV camera to deter thieves from your property. However, this only really happens if the fake security camera is designed really well and if it gives a realistic illusion that it is a proper security camera.

How To Spot A Dummy Security Camera?

Although dummy security cameras can give a good impression of being a real camera at first glance, there are some things that can blow its cover. Below, we have listed the different ways that can help spot a fake security camera.

1. Lights

One big giveaway that a security camera is a fake is their use of lights. Fake cameras’ flashing lights can be visible while real CCTV cameras’ flashing lights are often dull and won’t be visible to the naked eye.

2. Cables

Another tell-tell sign that dummy security cameras have, is through the way their cables are designed. Real security cameras will often have cables which look relevantly thick, while fake cameras will typically have thinner cables.

 3. WIFI- Search

Using WIFI-search on your phone can be another way to determine if a wireless security camera is real or not. All wireless security cameras will connect to WIFI and one way that people that spot a real camera from a fake is by trying to connect the camera to WIFI. If a wireless camera will connect to search, it’s a real camera. So, if a wireless camera won’t appear in the WIFI- search menu and it doesn’t connect to WIFI at all, then it is most likely a fake camera.   

4. Branding

Branding can also be a key way to tell if a camera is fake or not. Genuine security cameras will typically have some branding, such as logos and the brand’s name, from the camera’s manufacturer. While dummy cameras normally won’t have any branding on them, or if they do have any branding on them the branding will often be misspelt, and the logos will often be altered.

 5. How Often The Camera Moves

And finally, the fifth way to spot a fake security camera is through the way it moves and how often it moves. Dummy cameras will often move randomly to help create the illusion that it is real, and while it is moving they often make a swivelling motion. This is much different to a real security camera. Genuine security cameras will have built-in motion tracking features, so their movement won’t be as random and they will always move when movement has been detected.

dummy security camera

Why Do People Use Dummy Security Cameras?

There are a variety of different reasons why people may decide to use a decoy security camera. The main reason why homeowners may decide to install a fake CCTV camera rather than a real one is because fake cameras are often a lot cheaper to buy.

Are Dummy CCTV Cameras Legal In The UK?

Security dummy cameras are legal within the UK, and they will still face all the same legal laws that proper CCTV monitoring equipment faces. Although fake home security cameras don’t actually record anything they will be expected to follow the guidance on domestic camera use on the UK government website, such as making sure that other people like your neighbours know about your security cameras.

If you do decide to tell others that you have CCTV on your property through signs, it is important that you don’t use real branded CCTV camera signage as this could cause legal problems to arise.

How To Install Dummy Security Cameras?

Installing a dummy security camera is a similar experience to installing a real CCTV camera. If you do decide to install dummy security cameras on your property, it is important that you place them in an area that is considered to be vulnerable on your property. Some of the best places to install a fake security camera are:

  • On your driveaway.
  • By your front door.
  • By your garage.
  • Near your back door.

It is important to note when you are installing a fake security monitoring camera on your property that you make sure that it only points at your home and doesn’t point towards your neighbours.

cctv dummy cameras

Where To Buy Dummy Security Cameras?

Dummy security cameras can be brought in both online websites and inside physical stores. The main reason why people choose to buy dummy security cameras is because they are a lot cheaper than real CCTV cameras. Most fake dummy security cameras will be priced anywhere between £10 and £40s.

Should You Use A Fake CCTV Camera Instead Of A Real Security Camera?

Although fake security cameras can be a cheaper alternative than real CCTV cameras, it is highly recommended that you don’t use dummy cameras. As dummy cameras won’t give you proper security protection and instead, they only provide you with a false sense of security.

Overall, dummy security cameras are only effective in protecting against a potential burglar attack and they won’t be useful if a break-in does happen.

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