Can CCTV Be Hacked?

Written by Lauren Davison

10th March 2022

The simple answer to the question of whether CCTV can be hacked, is yes they can.

In an era dominated by technological advancements and the presence of surveillance systems, the question of whether CCTV can be hacked has become a paramount concern. As the reliance on CCTV for security and monitoring continues to grow, so does the potential vulnerability to cyber threats such as hacking.

In our article, we look into how to keep CCTV cameras safe from hacking. We explore the possibility and impact of people trying to hack into these widespread security cameras, check out the changing world of online security to understand the challenges with CCTV technology and see how people might misuse it. This raises important questions about finding the right balance between keeping an eye on things for safety and respecting people’s privacy in our connected world.

How Can CCTV Be Hacked?

CCTV cameras, despite their role in enhancing security, are not immune to potential hacking threats. Although other measures can be added to security cameras, such as security guards to monitor a CCTV system, the risk of being hacked remains. Various vulnerabilities can be exploited by skilled cyber attackers to compromise these surveillance systems. Below we explore some of the ways in which CCTV can be hacked…

Weak Or Default Passwords

One way that CCTV cameras can be hacked involves exploiting weak or default passwords that are often set by users and overlooked during installation.

Your password is your first line of defense against potential hackers, and by using a strong and unique password, you immediately increase the level of protection your CCTV cameras have. Make changing that default password one of the first things you do when you install your CCTv system.

Outdated Software

Outdated firmware or software on the cameras may contain known vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. These can serve as a gateway for hackers to access CCTV cameras.

Software updates often include security patches that address weaknesses identified in previous versions. When a CCTV system runs on outdated software, it may still contain these known vulnerabilities, putting the CCTV system at risk of exploitation. Hackers actively search for and target such vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access to the camera system.

Once inside, they can manipulate camera settings, view or intercept footage, or even use the compromised device as a pivot point to launch attacks on other parts of the network.

Regularly updating the firmware and software of CCTV cameras is crucial for reducing security risks and ensuring that the system remains resilient against evolving cyber threats. Ignoring these updates leaves a window of opportunity for hackers to exploit well-documented vulnerabilities and compromise the overall security of the CCTV network.

can cctv be hacked?


Some attackers employ techniques such as phishing to trick users into revealing login credentials, providing unauthorised access to the CCTV system. They aim to trick individuals with access to the surveillance network into divulging sensitive information.

In the context of CCTV, an attacker may send deceptive emails or messages posing as a legitimate entity, such as a system administrator or software provider. These phishing messages often contain malicious links or attachments that, when clicked or opened, install malware onto the recipient’s device. This malware can then capture login credentials, including those for CCTV cameras, as they are entered.

If the attacker gains access to the credentials of an individual responsible for managing or monitoring the CCTV system, they can exploit this information to gain access to their CCTV, manipulate camera settings, or even disable the surveillance system entirely.

Phishing attacks are successful when users are unaware of the deceptive nature of the communication, highlighting the importance of user awareness and cybersecurity education in preventing such security breaches.

Why Do People Hack CCTV?

People might attempt to hack CCTV cameras for various reasons, often driven by malicious intent or personal gain. Some common motivations include:

Criminal Activity

Although one of the benefits of CCTV is helping with crime prevention, the cameras are at risk of being hacked. Hackers may target CCTV systems to aid or cover up criminal activities. By gaining control over cameras, they can manipulate or disable them to avoid detection or create blind spots in surveillance. Additionally, when hackers manipulate or disable CCTV cameras, they can distract attention from their illegal activities. This not only helps them avoid getting caught right away but also makes it harder for law enforcement to investigate later on.

Being able to control or disable cameras selectively makes the impact of their criminal activities even more significant. This highlights the crucial importance of strong cybersecurity measures to protect the reliability of your CCTV system.

cctv can be hacked due to criminal activity

Privacy Invasion

Another reason people might try to hack into CCTV cameras is to invade someone’s privacy. People may attempt to hack into CCTV cameras with the aim of spying on private spaces or individuals.

This invasion of privacy is a big deal because it can lead to serious problems, both legally and ethically. When someone’s private spaces are watched without their knowledge or consent, it’s a violation of their rights. This kind of hacking can cause harm, and it’s important to have strong rules and consequences to protect people’s privacy from these intrusions.

cctv can be hacked as part of a invasion of privacy

Information Theft

CCTV cameras sometimes save important information or videos. They may store sensitive information or footage. Hackers might try to break into these systems to steal that data. They could do this to demand money from the owners (extortion), pretend to be someone else (identity theft), or use the information for other illegal activities.

It’s like someone trying to sneak into a secure room to take things that don’t belong to them. Protecting this data is really important to prevent these kinds of security breaches from happening, and that’s why we need strong security measures for CCTV systems.

cctv can be hacked for information theft

How To Prevent CCTV from Being Hacked

By adopting some of these measures, individuals and organisations can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access and the chance of their CCTV being hacked:

1. You should regularly update the firmware and software of the cameras to patch any known vulnerabilities.

2. Strong, unique passwords should be employed for camera access, and default passwords should be changed promptly when you’re installing CCTV

3. Implementing multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.

4. Choosing reputable and secure camera systems from trusted manufacturers can also contribute to the overall resilience of your CCTV network against hacking attempts.

5. You could also include dummy security cameras as part of your CCTV system. However, it’s important to remember that these don’t provide actual security measures against hacking. While they might deter some potential intruders due to their appearance, they lack the actual technology to protect against cyber threats.

how to prevent cctv from being hacked

Why Is It Worth Protecting Your CCTV Cameras?

It’s really important to protect your CCTV system from hackers to make sure your security setup works well and stays strong. A compromised CCTV system not only jeopardises the privacy of individuals, but also opens the door to unauthorised access, leading to a range of security breaches.

Hacked CCTV systems can be exploited for malicious purposes, such as conducting unauthorised surveillance, stealing sensitive information, or even launching cyberattacks on other connected devices. Intruders gaining control over your cameras can also manipulate or disable them, rendering your surveillance ineffective and leaving your property vulnerable to criminal activities.

By prioritising the protection of your CCTV system, you not only safeguard the privacy and security of those being monitored but also fortify your overall defense against potential threats in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

So, Can CCTV Be Hacked?

As technology evolves, so do the tactics of cyber threats, emphasising the critical need for robust security measures to protect CCTV systems from unauthorised access and potential misuse.

Although the answer to the question can CCTV be hacked is yes, by implementing some of the tips from this article, you can increase the security level of your CCTV system.

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