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Staying Safe in Festival Season

Festival ImageWith summer comes music festivals, and staying safe at them should be your top priority. With thousands of people lining up to be involved, being in such large crowd of people can be dangerous; and more-so for your belongings than you. Keeping yourself and your items safe is the main priority when spending time away from home. here are some tips on how to keep safe in festival season.

Keeping people and belongings secure is also not just your job; it’s down to festival organisers to help provide amenities that enable you to keep things safe. (For more information of hiring Region Security to provide security staff for your event, visit https://www.regionsecurityguarding.co.uk/event-security)

Keeping Belongings Safe

At a festival or concert, it is likely that the venue offers lockers or storage to keep your belongings secure. And usually at low cost! Making use of lockers and storage rooms is almost always the best possible way to keep your personal items away from the hand of thieves who may try and pull items likes phones or wallets from pockets during performances, where you’re less likely to be on guard against theft. If you are especially worried about losing items, it is possible to purchase insurance that covers personal belongings in the event of theft. This can be a great option combined with lockers or storage rooms to help cover yourself in the event of a theft.

Image of locker to keep items safe

Of course, leaving items in lockers and secure rooms is not always an option. Many people will want to film or photograph the performances on stage. If this is something you want to do when going to a festival, avoid leaving these items behind in a tent. Items such as phones and wallets left behind in a tent are easy pickings for thieves. If you’re planning to use your phone heavily, it is important that you take some a large portable charger, ensuring that you aren’t left without any way to contact others in the event of an emergency.

And finally – take only your essentials! Taking a lot of items is a good way to force yourself to leave items visible or otherwise on show. Typically, you shouldn’t need much more than your phone, a portable charger and one or two other small necessities.

Keeping Yourself Safe

More important than your belongs to keep safe is you. Festivals can unfortunately attract bad crowds, and it is best that you exercise caution in these scenarios. A good way of keeping safe is not to flash your belongings as this can invite thieves your way; and not all thieves are going to be subtle about stealing your belongings from you.

For some, drinking can be a large part of the festival experience. It’s always important to never go over your limits especially when out in public or large crowds. Potential thieves can and will abuse your intoxication to steal your belongings without you noticing, or realising for some time. Unfortunately, drink spiking can also be an issue when out drinking in public. It is very important that you – and only you – keep an eye on your drink at all times. It’s never a wise idea to leave a drink at a table and leave it there.

Sometimes, dangerous situations come your way due to no fault of your own. If any issues arise at a festival that make you uncomfortable, it’s always a good idea to reach out a nearby security guard or venue staff who can help rectify the issue.

Your transport to and from the venue is the most important thing to be aware of when attending a festival. Not having a plan to get home is an easy way to find yourself in a dangerous situation far from home. Ensure that you are fully aware of the bus or train you need to catch and when, if using public transport. If you are driving to the venue, avoid drinking all together. If you are being driven by a friend, make sure that they act responsible and do not drink.

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