Swansea Crime

Written by Lauren Davison

17th April 2024

Swansea, like any city, deals with its fair share of security challenges. From petty theft to more serious offenses, the city’s streets reflect a number of safety concerns. In this article, we embark on a journey through Swansea crime and the city’s security landscape. We’ll explore the diverse array of challenges that face the city.

Join us as we explore the Swansea crime rate and unravel the narrative behind these facts.

What Is The Swansea Crime Rate?

When it comes to understanding Swansea crime levels, recent statistics offer us useful insights. For example, as of April 2024, there 23,900 violent crimes reported in the city. As Plumplot reports, this is a 16% decrease when compared with the period between March 2023 and February 2024.

The drop in violent Swansea crime might suggest that efforts by law enforcement and the community are working to keep the city safer. It could mean that things like better policing or programs to prevent violence are having an effect. This decrease might also show that people are more aware of violent incidents and are reporting them, which helps tackle the problem sooner. Overall, it’s a positive sign that things are moving in the right direction within the local area and Wales.

What Kind Of Crimes Happen In Swansea?

In March 2024, there were a variety of crimes reported in Swansea.

  • Violent crime topped the list. It made up 40% of the total number of crimes committed in the area.
  • This was followed in second by anti-social behavior with 9,800 reported cases.
  • Public order offences were the third highest crime committed in this period. These kinds of crimes can include threatening behaviour and affray.
  • The crime committed the least was robbery. As of March 2024, there were 144 reported incidents.

Theis data about the Swansea crime rate paints a varied picture of the city’s security landscape. The findings provide valuable insights into the types of criminal activity occurring in Swansea. They highlight the need for continued efforts to address these security challenges in the community in making sure people feel safe.

crime rate in swansea
example of swansea crime statistic

Is Swansea Safe?

The safety of a city is a key concern for residents, visitors, and students. That’s why exploring areas such as the most dangerous areas in Wales can be important. It can be a question that weighs heavily on the minds of those who call Swansea home and those who are considering visiting the city. 

In today’s world, news headlines often highlight crime and security issues. With this media landscape then, it’s important we can understand the genuine state of Swansea crime

The city was named the safest student city in Wales in a study conducted in April 2023 according to a report by Swansea University. This recognition is a testament to the city’s commitment to creating a secure environment for its residents and visitors.

is swansea safe?

However, Swansea’s crime rate for 2024 so far has also been reported as notably higher compared to the national average for Wales. According to recent statistics, it’s also 18% more than the  overall figure for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for the same period.

Although this Swansea crime rate appears to have risen, we should also examine factors that might be contributing to this. Urban centres like Swansea often face challenges including unemployment  and inequality. These can sometimes amplify crime rates. As well as this, the city’s appeal as a tourist destination and vibrant nightlife can escalate certain offenses. This can often be due to an influx of visitors and the lively social atmosphere.

Is Swansea Safe At Night?

Swansea generally maintains a reputation as a safe place. However, it’s sensible to take precautions to ensure personal security.

By being aware of some personal safety tips, you can enhance our sense of well-being when navigating the city at night. These precautions may include sticking to well-lit areas or informing family or friends of your whereabouts. These kinds of common-sense safety practices can help reduce potential risks when it comes to Swansea crime. It’s all about taking steps to ensure a safer nighttime experience in the city.

What’s Being Done About Swansea Crime?

Swansea Help Point

A key initiative within the city is the Swansea Help Point. This is a specialised facility providing care for vulnerable individuals who have been in accidents or attacks. As described by St John Ambulance, the main goal is to help intoxicated people without involving the police unless necessary. This helps ease the pressure on emergency services when it comes to crime in swansea. Plus, it ensures those who need help get it promptly. The Swansea Help Point’s proactive approach contributes significantly to community safety in Swansea.

Collaborative Efforts

In response to Swansea crime, there have also been collaborative efforts to address the issue head-on. Another initiative involves the partnership between Swansea BID (Business Improvement District) and South Wales Police. The two who have joined forces to tackle crime and enhance safety in the city. One step taken wasa the introduction of new security body cameras. These body cameras are  a powerful visible deterrent to potential criminals and crucial tools in gathering evidence and accountability. By working together, Swansea BID and South Wales Police have shown a shared commitment to addressing the challenges posed by crime in Swansea. 

swansea crime

So What Can We Learn About The Swansea Crime Rate?

The Swansea crime rate, though significant, shouldn’t overshadow the city’s vibrant charm and appeal. Like most urban cities, Swansea faces its share of challenges. Though these shouldn’t deter visitors from experiencing the city’s offerings.

While it’s always important to exercise caution and maintain awareness of safety concerns, it shouldn’t stop us from embracing Swansea’s rich culture. By striking a balance between safety and adventure, visitors can fully enjoy all that Swansea has to offer without too much concern about its crime rate.

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