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4 Ways Your Smartphone can Save Lives as a Security Guard

Smartphones are often discredited for their addictive nature; but can they be used to save lives in a dangerous situation? The answer is yes! Various companies and individuals have created applications and online tools to be used in the event of an emergency. In this post, we’ll go through a few important must-have apps that will arm you with essential tools in the event of an emergency. These 4 apps can help in almost any emergency situation. As a security guard you will want every advantage you can have in an emergency situation.

Google Maps

Whilst not an immediately obvious go to choice, Google Maps offers smartphone users a 24/7 live view of the world around them. This is an essential tool when navigating unfamiliar environments – like when working in a new city. By linking in with all different types of city transport, Maps offers routes on foot, by car, bus or train.

Navigating with Maps can be a great way to make use of your smartphone when working in a different environment.

Map’s tools also come in handy in the event you need to transport somebody to hospital – live traffic reports help route you the fastest way to your destination. If an ambulance is not an option, these extra seconds or even minutes can be the different between life and death.

Finally, maps also offers a way to share your current location live with another person. This helps provide both of you with peace of mind, and the ability to act if your route goes astray.

Lifeline Response

Lifeline Response, whilst a simple app, makes effective use of your smartphone in an emergency situation. The app functions simply by placing your thumb on the screen. If you remove your thumb from the screen, an alarm sounds and alerts emergency services. This tool can be effective in dangerous situations, especially if working alone. The app currently comes at a monthly cost, but a 30 day free trial is available.


Watch Over Me

Created by a young woman who nearly became a kidnapping victim, Watch Over Me makes use of your smartphone to help your friends and family ensure your safety. The app works simply by telling it what you plan to do, and the time frame for it. For example you may tell the app that you are walking the dog and it should take around 15 minutes. If you don’t check in during that time, the app will send out warnings to all selected emergency contacts. This warning details what you were doing, your location, and the time you set out. Overall this app is one of the most effective and hands-free options for ensuring your own safety.


In Case of Emergency

ICE for short. This app is much less involved than others listed here. Instead of actively warning trusted contacts, ICE is simply a database on your person detailing any and all personal information you deem relevant to people in an emergency. For example this may contain your blood type, contact details, your address, if you take any medication etc. A highly useful tool that can save your own life in an emergency scenario.


If you are an organisation or individual looking for security to help lower the need for these apps, visit Region Security Guarding for a cost effective and easy solution.

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