Top 5 Popular Security Guard Interview Questions
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4th August 2021

Many different types of businesses hire security guards to protect their buildings, staff and assets. Security firms also hire security guards to then provide these services to businesses. An interview for a security guard will generally include many of the same questions, so to help you out, we have listed the most common ones below and tips on what to include in your answers. Remember, the most important thing is that you appropriately prepare for the interview of the security job you are applying for. so, here are the top 5 popular security guard interview questions…

What Are the Roles of a Security Guard?

First of all, it’s important to know the details of the role your applying for, and the tasks it may include performing. When applying for any role, it is important that you are well aware of what will be expected of you if you get the position. To ensure that you are on the same page, a company may ask you to describe what you think the role entails. When preparing for this question, it is beneficial to look at the initial job description as this usually states the basic roles of the job. Ensure that you include in your answer that your main role would be to patrol and secure premises, monitor surveillance, and act as a deterrent for criminals or trespassers. Explain how this is important to protect a business and its staff, which will save them money over time and give them peace of mind. 

1. Why Are You Interested in Becoming a Security Guard?

Asking this question gives the recruiter an insight into why you are applying for the role and your long-term plans. They are unlikely to hire someone who is not interested in the security field or simply wants the job as a stopgap before a better offer.

You may wish to mention any experience that you have in the security field at this stage to show that you are dedicated to the career. Additionally, you may want to mention that you like keeping people safe and protecting businesses from harm. If it is a job that has shift work, state that you like working on a varied schedule and have had experience of this in the past.

2. What Qualities Do You Possess to be an Effective Security Guard?

This is where you discuss the skill and qualities that you have that the company could benefit from. The initial job description should list qualities that the company are looking for, so make sure that you mention some of these within your answer. As well as general qualities such as good timekeeping, organisation and communication skills, it is also great to add in some qualities that will particularly benefit the role of a security guard. For example, mention that a security guard needs quick reactions so that they can respond to issues promptly, reacting in an emergency and protecting the business. After you mention a quality that you have, give a short example of when you have shown this quality.


it is beneficial to look at the initial job description as this usually states the basic roles of the job

3. Describe a Time When You Faced a Challenge, and Explain How You Overcame It

Showing that you have experience and stay under pressure when challenged may increase your chances of being hired as a security guard as they are looking for someone who is trained, calm and collected. When answering this question, first explain the challenge that you were faced with before going through the steps that you took to resolve the challenge.

4. Explain Any Experience You Have That Is Relevant to This Role

By answering this question, you are telling the company why they should employ you and what you can bring to them. Your answer for this should be based on experience working in a team, in the security field if you have it, or in a customer-facing role, depending on the job you are applying for. For example, if you have previously worked as a security guard, then mention where you worked, how long you worked there, and the experience you gained. Perhaps give a few examples of when you had to use your training in this role.

Additionally, if you have any security qualifications or first aid training, it is important to mention these at this stage.

5. Explain How You Work Effectively in a Team

As a security guard, it is unlikely that you will be working alone, and instead, you will be a member of a team. A good worker should be able to work by themselves or work well with others. In this answer, you should state the qualities that you need to work in a team and explain when you have shown these in the past.

For example, mention that one of the most important qualities necessary for working in a team is communication. Explain why communication is important as you need to pass on information to those you are working with, and you need to communicate and cooperate to build a strong team. Then, give an example of when you have communicated effectively and why it led to success in your role.

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