Security Guard vs Bodyguard

Whilst a bodyguard is technically a type of security guard, this doesn’t go both ways as a security guard does not necessarily have to be a bodyguard. The two jobs may have obligations that overlap in some regards. However, the obligations of a bodyguard can and often times are very unique to those offered in more standard security administration jobs.

Essentially a bodyguard is a more up close and personal security guard. By and large, a bodyguard is allocated the job of ensuring one specific individual remains safe and secure, despite the fact that there might be a few people appointed to their care. Usually, bodyguards are tasked with ensuring the safety of celebrities, political figures, or other general VIPs. This is done by scanning any area for any potential danger, keeping distance between the VIP and the crowd, and preventing any unruly people from getting too close to the individual they are protecting.


Who may require a bodyguard?

  • Celebrities
  • Government officials
  • Wealthy individuals
  • Individuals who have been threatened in some way
  • Anybody renowned

The above list covers only a portion of the sorts of individuals who may require the expert administrations of a bodyguard.


Types of Security and Bodyguards

 On the other hand, security guards are more so a classification of people who work in the security industry. Whilst this definitely does include bodyguards under its definition, the term security guard is most often used to refer to individuals who are tasked with protecting a particular location or premise.

Whilst security guards definitely do protect people, this isn’t the core of their job, as an example, construction security is a very common area for security guards to be found. The guards on a particular site would be tasked with ensuring the safety and security of all those who are also within their area of patrol. They will also be responsible for ensuring equipment, tools, and materials on the site remain where they should be, spotting and reporting any kinds of active vandalism.

One of the key differentials is the way security guards and bodyguards are portrayed in the media, most people know the general gist of a bodyguard in its more glamourised form. A person who may come face to face with those willing to deal harm to an individual, whilst this is definitely a threat, it isn’t nearly as common as it is made out to be. On the other hand, security guards typically won’t see much in the way of danger, being encouraged to spot the crime and either handle it themselves or contact local authorities to have the area dealt with by the appropriate officials.



Either way, the main way to differentiate between a security guard and a bodyguard is by remembering a bodyguard is responsible for one or more individuals whereas a security guard is responsible for one or more premises.

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