Northampton News; The Latest Crime


Northampton News; The Latest Crime

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How Northamptonshire Police cracked down on crime in 100 days

Police have carried out 145 raids and made 88 arrests during a “100 days” campaign to minimize crime and deter gangs within Northamptonshire. The protection of vulnerable people was a key factor regarding this campaign that started in July. Results imply that eight children have been safeguarded, which includes a two-year-old who was discovered during a drugs warrant. Northamptonshire’s Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Blatchly, explained that “officers have worked relentlessly during the last three months and as a result some really significant arrests have been made and that includes leaders of a number of serious organised crime gangs.”

Man jailed for third time this year

A man is serving his third prison sentence in 2020, after destroying a window in the town’s job centre. Thomas Gaffney was jailed for four weeks at Northampton Magistrates’ Court due to “all non-custodial sentences” failing. It is the 46-year-old’s third time in prison after he was given a final chance with a suspended sentence, due to burglary. During last year, he was also given a community order after damaging a Savers shop within the town.

Thugs leave victim with fractured eye socket after brutal beating

A man in his 30s has suffered a fractured eye socket during a beating on Friday 23rd October. Police suggest that the victim was attacked by 2-3 men in Oxford Street at around 9.30pm. A 20-year-old man was arrested in connection with the event, but has since been released under investigation.

Man robbed by a gang in a supermarket car park

Northamptonshire Police have launched an investigation after a man was burgled in the ASDA car park, located in Thornton Road, on Saturday 24th October between 10.30pm and 11:00pm. A black Ford Focus stopped next to the victim with a group of men exiting the vehicle, before threatening him and proceeding to steal his phone. Police urge any witnesses to come forward and contact the force.

Appeal for ‘distressed’ woman seen on CCTV

Police are appealing for a woman who appeared to be in distress in the early hours of 25th October 2020. The woman was seen on CCTV in the Lumbertubs area of Northampton at about 3.30am. A force spokesman has said that “the female is described as a white female with long hair, wearing a vest top and dark coloured bottoms.”

Three armed robberies in 35 minutes

More visible police patrols have begun after the incidents took place within 35 minutes. Police believe that all 3 burglaries are linked. The first event took place at around 7.45pm, when two men entered the Costcutter store in Rockingham Road and threatened staff with a crowbar and a hammer. The second incident occurred 10 minutes later, in West Glebe Park, when two men stole a push bike after threatening the victim with a hammer. Just after 8.20pm, another bike was stolen from Cottingham Road and the 15-year-old victim was approached, also with a hammer. Detective Inspector Wayne Preece has stated that “my team are working hard to identify these men so they can be brought to justice as quickly as possible.”

Police discover £350,000 home converted into a drug factory

On 28th October, a house worth over £350,000 was found destroyed in attempts to convert it into a drug factory. Over £100,000 worth of plants were discovered by police. One statement implies that “three of the upstairs bedrooms had walls knocked down to make it one big room, 300 plants in total.” Police have charged a 23-year-old man in connection with this discovery.

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Northampton’s Vehicle Crime Calamity

Northampton is the fifth-worst place in the country outside of London for motor offences. Throughout 2018 and 2019, a recorded 3,464 crimes occurred in the town,  resulting in a place in the top 10 for highest rates of vehicle crimes.

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Does Your Northampton Business Require Security?

Northampton’s crime rate is still above the national average and reports indicate that there are over 2,500 violent cases per month. Additionally, violent crime has surged by an astonishing 20.5% since September 2019.

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Northampton’s Culture

The town of Northampton often holds a plethora of popular annual events, consisting of Northampton Carnival, the Beer Festival, the Dragonboat Race, the Umbrella Fair and St Crispins Fair.

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