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Understanding Leeds Most Common Crimes

Leeds is the largest city in the county if West Yorkshire, that is highly popular and known for its shopping, nightlife, universities, and sport. It is a city also known for its parks and beautiful green spaces that make it a very appealing city for tourists and visitors.

However, in past years Leeds has been known and recognized for its high crime rate. This is something that has reflected negatively on the city, deterring visitors and impacting on Leeds residents’ movements around the city. Despite Leeds’s crime ridden past, the past year or so has shown an overall decline in crimes committed, with a 2.6 per cent reduction in offences in West Yorkshire in 2019/20, and around 7,600 fewer victims, according to the West Yorkshire Police.


What are these crimes that are still being committed?

New police data, obtained by the Yorkshire Evening Post under the Freedom of Information (FOI) ACT, has revealed the nine most commonly recorded crimes in north Leeds wards from April 2019 to March 2020. Here they are:


1. Violence Without Injury

There were a total of 5,335 violent crimes without injury recorded in Leeds within this time frame.


2. Burglary – Residential

There were 2,188 residential burglaries recorded in Leeds from April 2019 to March 2020.

There are three main types of burglary, they are: opportunistic burglary, targeted/planned burglary, and distraction burglary…

Opportunistic Burglary

The opportunist burglars do not plan or have any pre-meditation. This burglar acts when the timing seems the best and the opportunity presents itself. After entering, they grab a few things to sell on and make fast money. Since these types of burglars are not skilled in the art of breaking in, they waste little time trying to break into a home they see as vulnerable.

Targeted/Planned Burglary

Burglars also can target your particular property. These criminals plan the entire break in because they know there are valuable items in your home. They could know this by noticing the boxes left in or beside your rubbish and recycling bins. Your posts on social media, such as those about recent high-value purchases or upcoming trips and holidays can also attract a burglar’s attention.

Distraction Burglary

Burglars who use the distraction method take advantage of your trusting nature. Many strangers who come to your front door unannounced are genuine. Some, however, could be impostors who present themselves as being from the council, the electric company or the police. They will trick you by wearing clothes that fit the part. Even salesmen or workers offering to make repairs could be a burglar creating a distraction so his partner can enter your home and steal your valuables.


3. Public Order Offences

There were 1,980 public order offences recorded, this includes disorderly behaviour, violent and drunken disorder, affray and more.


4. Criminal Damage

Within this Northern Leeds area there were a total of 1,839 crimes of criminal damage recorded. This includes damage to property, threatening to damage property and more.


5. Other Theft

There were 1,830 crimes of ‘other theft’ recorded in Leeds this does not include theft from the person, vehicle or bicycle-related theft, robbery, burglary or shoplifting.


6. Vehicle Offences

There were 1,829 vehicle offences recorded in north Leeds from April 2019 to March 2020. This includes but is not limited to: vehicle theft, theft from a vehicle, unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, interfering with a motor vehicle.


7. Violence with injury

There was a total of 1,711 violent crimes committed in Leeds within this time frame.


8. Shoplifting

The total number for shoplifting offences in Leeds was 1,059.

Shoplifters cost UK retailers around £335 million every year. The total losses from crime in 2019 are estimated to be £4,821mn. These figures do not include losses as a result of violence or threats to staff.

According to, the police in the year ending March 2019 recorded 374,395 shoplifting cases (Home Office, 2019), but the actual number of shoplifting cases is likely to be 15-21 times higher. Shoplifting can be a real threat if you own a store as conveyed by these scary statistics.


9. Miscellaneous Crimes against society

There were 528 miscellaneous crimes against society recorded in north Leeds. This includes perverting the course of justice, going equipped for stealing and more.



Overall, Leeds crime rate is showing a steady decrease and although this may be greatly affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic the rates are looking promising. Make sure you are remaining safe by staying knowledgeable, alert, and aware at all times.


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