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Security Company Brentwood

About our Security Service:

With years of experience within the security industry, at Region Security Guarding we are proud to be a leading and trusted supplier of security services and security guards throughout the whole of the UK. Brentwood is a town in Essex that we provide our specialist security services only provided by trained experience professionals. From having years of experience We have developed a strong customer base that includes individuals and organisations from across a wide range of sectors. Whatever your requirements and  budget is we will tailor the best security solution to match your needs; whether that includes, event security, site guarding, close protection or any other types of services.

Types of security we offer:

Site Security:

We have had 10+ years experience in providing licensed guards to a construction sites to make sure they are well protected and secured from groundwork stage through to full completion. Our security guards are responsible for frequent calls to check security, controlling the site and reporting any possible threats or incidents. We also have a team of supervisors that monitor their performance by making regular checks on them. This is just one type of security that we provide there are several other types of security we can provide you.

Warehouse Security:

Region Security Guarding provides security guard officers to many warehouses across the UK. The benefit of having warehouse security is that it may deter theft and vandalism. We also implement effective security measures we can offer outstanding warehouse security

Why Us ?

  • We provide one of the best security services in the UK
  • We are known throughout the Brentwood area for providing excellent security services
  • We pay competitive wages to our security guards. This is to ensure our guards are always motivated to perform their best.
  • We tailor our services to each client. This ensures everyone gets the best security service possible


Our Mission:

“Region Security Guarding has a clear strategic vision that enables us to deliver the highest quality service to our clients whilst creating a happy working environment for our staff”


 We promise to:                           To achieve this vision we:
  • We will always work to our highest ability to make sure the client is satisfied
  • Follow all the industry regulations to make sure our service is always high quality
  • To make sure we get everything right the first time we listen to all of our clients, staff and regulators
  • We are always looking to improve our business as this benefits every associated with Region Security Guarding


  • Build trust with our clients due to our excellent service
  • We employ experienced and motivated people who get treated with the upmost respect at all times.
  • We aim to communicate effectively to both our clients and staff
  • Encourage an ‘improvement culture’ with financial control, commercial relationships, ethical and environmental responsibilities, quality systems and personnel management.


We can attend to your last minute needs with a fast turnaround in order to keep your business protected and safe without any disruptions. For a dedicated, customer focused company that can deliver anywhere in the UK, simply call Region Security Guarding today on 01902544321 or Click Here to complete our online form for a quick, no obligation quotation.

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