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About our Security Company in Bedford

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Bedford is home to a wide array of people and businesses, with it’s appealing views and bustling culture, it is easy to see why so many people are attracted to this area. Unfortunately with people comes trouble, crime is seen to be rising across the entirety of the UK and it doesn’t seem to be stopping in places like Bedford. Keeping you and your business safe is a full time job, so let the professionals handle it with Region Security Guarding.

Region Security guarding is based in the West Midlands but cover the whole of the UK we provide the best security services within the area of Bedford and all the areas around in such as Herefordshire. Our company has had multiple years providing services to a range of different companies. Being one of East of England’s leading security companies we aim to come up with a complete solution for all your security issues tailored specifically to your company.  All our guards are SIA approved providing exceptional security services especially in difficult situations. We work our hardest to deliver efficient and reliable security guard solutions to our clients, making our main goal to make you feel protected and leave any security issues to us. We cover all areas in Bedford including Leighton BuzzardSandy and many more.

Choosing the right security company is a tough choice and rightfully so, being able to trust a company with the safety of your staff is a daunting task. This is where Region Security Guarding comes in, with years of experience guarding and protecting businesses in and around the Bedford area, you can rest assured that you and your business are in good hands, our mission statement is to ensure affordable, high quality security, nationwide.

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    Find out more about our Security Company in Bedford

    Region Security Guarding provide a plethora of different security services within Northampton, all tailored to suit your requirements. All of our security officers are SIA licensed and trained to deliver reliability and professionalism.

    Warehouse Security

    A warehouse is designed for ease of access and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location. We provide security guards and many other warehouse security  services in Northampton that may deter theft by implementing effective security measures.

    Retail Security

    Retail stores are facing increasing need for superior security and it is something that is often overlooked. Thieves routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Region Security Guarding are committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen, by providing high-quality retail security within Northampton, we are able to keep your business secure.

    Construction Security

    Construction sites need to be properly guarded against theft and criminal damage. If machinery are not protected properly, the cost for replacements are extortionate. Our building site security guards are responsible for hourly check calls, continually patrolling the site, recording possible threats and our team of supervisors monitor their performance by making visits at any time.

    Static Security

    Static guards are proven to be one of the most effective deterrents of crime. Having a static guard on site is a huge red flag to potential criminals, acting as an incredibly powerful visual deterrent. Region Security Guarding have many years of experience in supplying professional security guards and static guards in Northampton and can offer your business the best level of protection.

    Reception Security

    Office buildings are prime targets for break-ins. Businesses with offices are subject to computer equipment theft, while vandalism is always a problem that must be dealt with. Our concierge security staff are fully equipped and trained to be effective in a professional environment. We ensure that our reception security guards are of the best standards and can be hired at affordable rates.

    Mobile Patrols

    Mobile Patrols are some of the most effective forms of security available. Having a guard able to patrol a large area in a short amount of time guarantees you the ability to keep your premises clear. Plus, having a marked vehicle patrolling your area is proven to reduce crime. When our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle.

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    • We will recognise and implement the timely and excellent delivery of our service to you
    • Ensure all our employees share our commitment and continue to raise standards of performance within Bedford
    • Provide only the best security; trained and licensed professionals
    • We will provide only the best and most cost effective solutions to all our Bedford clients according to their needs and budgets
    • We aim to provide a complete solution to all your security needs


    We have had 10+ years experience in providing licensed guards to a construction sites to make sure they are well protected and secured from groundwork stage through to full completion. Our security guards are responsible for frequent calls to check security, controlling the site and reporting any possible threats or incidents. We also have a team of supervisors that monitor their performance by making regular checks on them.

    Our mission is to become the most trusted service provider of security guarding services.

    To achieve this, we…

    • Build strong relationships with our clients through excellent service delivery.
    • Employ highly trained, motivated people who we treat fairly and with respect at all times.
    • Communicate effectively both internally and externally.
    • Encourage an ‘improvement culture’ within financial control, commercial relationships, ethical and environmental responsibilities, quality systems and personnel management.
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    Bedford Statistics

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    Bedford’s crime rate has slightly increased over the last year. There are around 30 crimes reported per 1000 people within the district. Compared to the national crime rate, Bedford’s crime rate is at 99%. Violent crime, anti-social behaviour and vehicle crime are the three most committed felonies in Bedford.

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    With such a large population, protecting your business should be imperative.

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    Crimes Reported

     Violent crime makes up 27.4% of this figure.

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    Guards Patrolling

    We have Region Security Guards monitoring all areas in Bedford.

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    Sites Protected

    Our security guards have successfully protected 19 areas around Bedford.

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    What separates us from our competitors

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    Price Promise Guarantee

    Whilst most other competitors have fixed rates for particular jobs, Region Security Guarding breaks the mould by offering a price promise guarantee for all of our clients in Coventry and nationwide. This price promise guarantee allows us to ensure you that you get the most value for your money when it comes to your security, as we promise to meet or beat any competitors quotes on a like for like basis. This allows us to stay on top of the ever growing and rapidly evolving security company industry

    Bespoke Security Guarding Solutions

    Our security guarding solutions are offered on a bespoke premise, meaning we understand different businesses have different needs, and to accommodate these needs, we are able to hand craft a tailored plan to suit your individual business. This flexibility ensures we are capable of doing what others can’t, being able to sit down and truly understand the daily ins and outs of your company gives us the knowledge we need to apply the expertise we have in the most efficient and secure manner

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      Bedford is widely known for several things but two of these being that it was the absolute epicentre of all things lace in Britain from the 16th century onwards and that it was where the late John Bunyan wrote was is considered one of the most important works of religious, theological fiction, The Pilgrim’s Progress

      Bedford from a lot of standpoints is considered to be a very good place to live, with the crime rate relatively low at the moment, plenty of activities and gorgeous sites to see, there isn’t a better time to move to Bedford.

      Bedford is 46 miles away from London

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      Bedford News

      Bedford Woman Pleads Guilty to ‘Distraction Burglary’ of Elderly Resident

      Bedford is typically seen to be a relatively safe place; crime is somewhat of a non-factor when it comes to living and working here. With this being said, there is always going to be crime and criminal activity even in the safest areas and this couldn’t have been more true for one elderly resident in […]

      COVID-19 In Bedford; What You Need to Know

      What is the infection rate in Bedford? Bedford’s coronavirus count has unfortunately risen within the past few weeks. The district has reported an additional 10 cases since September 8th; a total of 1,474 people have now been diagnosed with the deadly disease in Bedford. The region of Central Bedfordshire has two new cases, equalling 1,388 […]

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