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Do You Need Our Newcastle Mobile Patrol Security Service?


Newcastle is one of the most popular cities in the UK, with over a population of 818,000. With crime ever-rising, it is important you protect your Newcastle business from any potential intruders through our mobile patrol security service.

We help to give peace of mind to companies in every industry. To ensure your organisation’s safeguarded, we will supply mobile patrol security guards that are allocated specifically to your required security concern.

Our Newcastle Mobile security patrols are conducted at random times to avoid establishing a recognisable trend. Customers who use this service will receive high-profile warning boards. Regular patrols by mobile patrol guards will also help to lessen hazards from fire, flood, and vandalism. We will supply mobile security patrol solutions to match your demands, whether you require one visit each night or several.

mobile patrol security guards in newcastle

The Roles of a Mobile Patrol Security Guard in Newcastle


A mobile patrol security guard can provide safeguarding at any corner. As they can maneuver from location to location, they have flexible working hours and can work whenever called on.

A mobile patrol security guard in Newcastle can be expected to;

  • Change location when prompted-  As our Newcastle mobile patrol security guards are highly trained to be alert when called on, a business in Newcastle can be expected to be surveyed in a quickfire fashion when necessary. All our guards are trained to be on call whenever our assistance is needed.
  • Be a visual deterrent for intruders- Having our mobile patrol security guard patrolling your business in clear view can be a massive deterrent for intruders, preventing any intrusion, vandalism, or theft from occurring on your site. It also shows that you value the safety and security of your business.
  • Provide Internal Patrolling Checks –  Our Newcastle mobile patrol security guards are trained to monitor any activities that occur inside your property. Once given the keys, they can perform a thorough check to ensure all of the property is locked and kept secure from any criminals gaining unlawful entry. Our guards will also produce a risk assessment to determine any security solutions that your premises may require.


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mobile patrol security newcastle
What is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile security patrol security is essentially security officers that may move throughout your premises, outside of a predetermined area, to keep order and report any suspicious behaviour.

Why Do I Need Newcastle Mobile Patrol Security?

Newcastle mobile security patrols may provide a sense of protection to your company and the neighbourhood. When you are at home, our guards can provide you piece of mind that your company is safe. With a guard on duty, your staff can be certain that they are working in a healthy and safe environment.

Are There Any Mobile Patrol Security Jobs in Newcastle?

If you are looking for a mobile patrol security job in Newcastle, you can fill in our online application form to be enrolled on our job search database and we will get in touch when any mobile patrol security guard jobs in Newcastle become available. Additionally, you can search for any more Newcastle mobile patrol security guard jobs by using job sites like

How Our Newcastle Security Guards Can Help?

Our highly skilled Newcastle security guards will conduct risk assessments for all attractions to guarantee that every security concern is addressed. To provide optimal protection, we may conduct hourly patrols, identify and respond to intruders, as well as services such as logging vehicle access on site.

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