Warehouse Security 101 Guide
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30th June 2021

What Is Warehouse Security?

Warehouse Security should be one of the central focuses of a business. Many companies around the globe use both small and large warehouses to store both their assets and products, so it is important to secure these warehouses to reduce the chances of financial losses. Additionally, many warehouses are staffed, and there is a need for companies to keep their staff safe and secure. Warehouse security refers to both physical security and cyber security that keeps the operation safe and prevents unwanted and unauthorised access to the property.


Why is Security Important in a Warehouse?

Warehouses main role is to store a high volume of stock, which has a high value, and due to this, the locations are at an increased risk of burglary. If we look at crime statistics in the UK, 20% of all reported crime is against businesses, and the vast majority of this is some kind of theft. Therefore, it is important to protect warehouses from unwanted intruders.

 While warehouse security may have an upfront cost, it can save business owners money in the long run as warehouse security acts as a deterrent for potential criminals and can reduce the costs of replacing goods and fixing criminal damage.  There are many types of security that can be put in place to protect warehouses effectively.

How Do You Secure A Warehouse?

There are many different ways to secure a warehouse, but it is important to have a security company visit your individual site to give personalised advice and identify any security risks or loopholes. To secure a warehouse, it is important to secure a perimeter, control access onto the site, light the area and install alarm systems.

Additionally, adding CCTV is a great way to monitor any security risks, and this can be used in combination with security guards and patrols to respond to any potential security breaches in order to keep the warehouse safe. To find out more, check out our detailed blog on the top 12 tips to secure your warehouse here.



If we look at crime statistics in the UK, 20% of all reported crime is against businesses, and the vast majority of this is some kind of theft. Therefore, it is important to protect warehouses from unwanted intruders.

What Kind of Security Can Be Provided in Warehouse?

There are many types of security that can be provided for a warehouse, with no one size fits all system. Each warehouse will have its own security risks and should be evaluated individually to find the security plan right for it. Security can broadly be split into three types – building, personnel and physical security measures.

Building measures refer to protecting the actual infrastructure of the warehouse. CCTV is a great way to record and monitor the perimeter of the property and can be monitored to ensure that the building is protected. It is also a deterrent for potential criminals. Adding secure locks to windows, doors and fences makes it more difficult to access, protecting against threats such as theft and vandalism.

Personnel refers to the people employed in the warehouse. It is important to hire people that you can trust. Complete a background check, criminal record check and refer to references when recruiting in order to hire reliable staff. Additionally, make sure that all staff members are aware of the security protocols and ensure that any visitors to the site wear passes and are logged in and out. Adding security staff to your team, or employing a security company that provides security staff can be a deterrent to potential criminals and can mean that staff are on hand to respond to any incidents on site.

Physical security measures include security doors, locking systems and secure delivery points. Inside your warehouse, consider securing stock and inventory in security cages or locked rooms to ensure that there is an extra layer of protection. Specially built secure rooms can protect against burglary and can even be designed to be fireproof to protect stock.

What is Good Warehouse Practices?

Good warehouse security practices should always start with evaluating the current practices in place at the warehouse. Professional security companies can visit the site in person and evaluate the current security plan. This can allow any gaps in security to be identified and rectified in order to keep your warehouse safe.

Once an effective and robust security plan is in place, it is good practice to evaluate this plan every so often, especially after any security breaches to stop them from happening again. It is also important to ensure that any new members of staff are aware of the warehouse security protocols so that everyone is on the same page.

What Can You Do as an Individual to Impact Safety in a Warehouse Environment?

An individual business owner should contact a security company to secure their warehouse. An individual employee should follow all security protocols, securing all entrances and exits, and keeping an eye out for anything unusual. If this is spotted, it should be reported to the security firm to investigate accordingly. If you are looking to secure your warehouse, contact the experts at Region Security Guarding today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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