How To Create A Security Risk Assessment?
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22nd March 2022

security risk assessment

Crime rates in the UK are increasing. Last year there was a 12% increase in total crime. It should be a high priority for any company to make sure that their business is well protected and that they have no onsite security weaknesses.

While you can employ methods that will help you reduce other security threats such as cybercrime, what about onsite protection? How can you determine if your physical security is top-notch? The best way to determine how effective your physical security is, is by completing regular security risk assessments.

In this article, we offer a quick guide explaining what a security risk assessment is, why are security risk assessment needed, and what is the best way to conduct a security risk assessment.

What Is A Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment is a procedure where business owners evaluate and assess how strong and effective their security system is. The main role of a security risk assessment will be to identify the security that a company already has in place, and how well this security is at reducing risks.

The risk assessment will normally be a document that contains a variety of criteria such as what is the hazard, where did it take place, what was the risk of it happening, what controls are already in place, is this a priority, when was the risk actioned and by who, and has the risk been fixed? These criteria are used to help businesses think about the security measures they already have in place, and if the company could be facing any potential risks. The document may also include a colour-coding chart that employers can use to evaluate how likely the risk is and how severe the consequences of the risk will be.

What Is A Risk Assessment Checklist?

A risk assessment checklist like a security risk assessment will be crucial for every business, as it is another method to review what possible security risks your company could face. Companies will use risk assessment checklists to evaluate every area within their business.

A risk assessment checklist is a document that contains questions or concerns about different safety areas in your company, such as “are there separate access points for vehicles and pedestrians?”. A risk assessment checklist will also have an area where employers can evaluate or comment on these concerns. Risk assessment checklists can be used as additional information to help create a security risk assessment, as they can help identify the potential risks that a company may have.

How To Create A Risk Assessment Checklist?

The first step is to create a comprehensive risk assessment checklist, is that you must first identify all the possible risks that your onsite security may face. Remember risks may vary for each business and it will depend on a lot of different factors, such as where your business is located and what industry your business is in.

An example of a possible risk could be how high the crime rate is in the area that your business is located. While another risk could be the risk of manual handling. Once you understand what possible risks your business could face, you need to evaluate if the risk is significant enough or not. For that, you must review what security measures you already have in place, and how effective these are.

How Do You Create A Security Risk Assessment?

When you are creating or conducting a security risk assessment there are various steps that you will need to follow. These are identifying the risk, assessing all threats and vulnerabilities, and reviewing different areas of security in your business.

1. Identify The Risk

The first step you must take in creating a security risk assessment is identifying all the possible risks that your business could face. Risks will vary depending on what area of business your company is in. As not all risks will impact every business the same.

For example, construction and warehouse companies may have to worry about risks such as if their building has proper roofing to prevent the chance of any falling objects. While other businesses like retail stores might not have to worry about this risk.

It is also important to consider the location that your business is in when thinking about potential risks. Crime such as theft or property damage is a risk that can affect all businesses. But as different areas have different crime rates, this is a factor to consider when thinking about this risk. Businesses located in busier cities with higher crime rates may consider the risk of crime to be more serve than businesses located in smaller rural areas with lower crime areas.

2. Accessing All Vulnerabilities and Threats

After you have considered all the potential risks that your business could face; the next step you should take is assessing and evaluating all the possible vulnerabilities and threats within your business. You should first analyse which risks could potentially happen within your business and how severe the consequences of this risk would be. Then you should think if you have any security measures in place already to stop these risks, and how effectively they will stop the risk.

3. Review

Finally, you should review all areas within your business such as the facility operating procedures, the facility security, and physical security systems. You should review if there are any weaknesses within these areas, what security controls are already in place within these areas, and do you need to take any further action to prevent risks from happening within these areas.

Why Do You Need A Security Risk Assessment?

Your organisation may be a bank, a commercial service, or even a security service, but you will still need to conduct a security risk assessment. Security risk assessments are needed because they help businesses to evaluate how safe the company is. They help companies to identify any potential safety risks that their business could face, and to think about what security measures they already have in place.

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