Top 15 Benefits Of Having A Security Guard At A Business
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21st October 2019

1. They Help Your Customers / Clients Feel Safe As They Are A Visible Security Presence

One benefit of security guards is that they have a big visible presence. If a customer or client can see a security guard on-site, then they will instantly understand your business’s commitment to their security and safety.

2. Staff Will Feel Protected And Have Peace Of Mind As They Know That They Are Not Being Relied On To Maintain Security On The Premises

Staff often feel under pressure to protect the premises they work on or indeed any stock contained within in. This can often lead to unnecessary anxieties within the workplace and their jobs being done to a lesser standard, as they are too preoccupied with trying to act in place of a security officer. 

3. Security Guards Can Help Customers In Need

Another advantage of security guards is that they can help customers in need. Whether that be getting lost within the premises or needing to find someone in particular, your security guard can act as the first point of call for information and advice to consumers. Read our article, “Tips For Customer Service As A Security Guard“, to find out more about security guard customer service.

4. They Can Prevent And Deter Criminal Behaviour

When those who intend to cause damage to your business, or commit a crime against it, can see a security guard, it will often completely prevent them from attempting to commit the crime. Read our article “Do Security Guards Reduce Crime?” to find out how guards can help to eliminate crime.

5. Guards Can Welcome Those Who Enter Your Premises, Adding An Extra Layer Of Customer Service To Your Business

A business security guard can be great for brand identity and its customer image, by greeting consumers it allows them to feel valued by the business and increases the likelihood of them becoming loyal to the company.

6. They Can Identify Suspicious Activity

Many guards are fully equipped and trained to notice suspicious activity or behaviour on your premises. Having SIA licensed and trained guards ensures that they have up-to-date knowledge and reach regulated standards.

7. In Larger Premises, They Can Monitor CCTV

Having a CCTV system in place for some businesses can be vital as they are a big security benefit. Especially if the stock/equipment/materials are of very high value or if the site itself is particularly large. However, having CCTV alone will not be able to do a great deal for your business if a situation arises. Having trained security officers monitoring the CCTV will allow them to instantly notice anything suspicious and deal with it immediately.

8. They Can Monitor People Entering And Leaving The Premises

Whether that be on a construction site or within a building eeception area, some businesses do not permit people from entering their premises without a particular ID or an appointment. Trespassers can be detected by security staff and prevented from entering the site or building.

9. Security Guards Can Deal With Potential Threats To Your Business

Whether that be a theft in progress or vandalism on-site, security guards are fully trained to deal with issues like this so that you don’t have to. Security guards are able to do this through their daily duties. Read our Security Guard Guide to learn more about a security guard’s responsibilities. 

10. They Can Detain Potential Criminals Before They Have A Chance To Escape

After a security guard has detected a criminal in the act or after committing the crime, they can respond quickly by detaining them or performing a citizen’s arrest. This can be vital to preventing them from escaping before police authorities arrive.

11. You Can Focus On Your Business

Having security in place to do the job for you can allow you to focus on the job at hand and help your business to grow.

12. Good For Brand Reputation

Consumers are often attracted to brands with a good reputation, and having security guards in place is a sure sign that a company holds its consumers’ safety in the highest regard. If a company is seen to take something like its security seriously, then it is often then assumed that they will take other important aspects of their business seriously too.

13. In Retail Premises, They Can Crowd Control In Busy Seasons

With Christmas coming up in a couple of months, and the Black Friday Sales before that, it should be expected that shops and retail businesses are going to be much busier than usual. This can cause tensions between customers as well as increased opportunities for crime. Guards are equipped to deal with crowds and to prevent any potential issues.

14. They Can Prevent Internal Crime From Affecting Your Business

Employees of a business count for a decent proportion of the threats that the company faces. With crimes happening internally such as theft and fraud on the rise, companies need to prepare for this adequately to avoid loss. Security Guards are trained to pick up on suspicious behaviour whether that be from trespassers, consumers, or staff alike.

15. You Can Save Money – Less Threats Affecting Your Business

With every incident comes cost to a company, whether that be through losses, extra fees, or absent staff members affected by the incident. By having a security guard preventing these situations before they occur, or dealing with them before they escalate, businesses can avoid unnecessary costs and enjoy a safer working environment.

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