Edinburgh Crime Rate

Written by Lauren Davison

4th January 2024

Welcome to our exploration of crime in Edinburgh. Beyond the stunning landmarks and rich heritage, Edinburgh, like any city, grapples with its share of criminal activities. Join us as we navigate through the data and delve into the intricacies of crime in the captivating Scottish capital.

Edinburgh Crime Statistics 

Crime stats are like a peek behind the curtain, showing us what’s really happening in our communities. Here, we’ll dig into Edinburgh’s crime data. We’ll look at at what types of crimes are common and which areas are most affected. So stick with us as we dive into the numbers and uncover the story of Edinburgh crime statistics.

Edinburgh crime statistics you need to know

General Crime Trends In Edinburgh

When we look back into the number of crimes committed in Edinburgh over the years, the numbers make for interesting reading.


  • For example, in 2012-2013, there were 37,162 reported crimes. A decade later in 2022/2023, the number declined. According to the Scottish government website, there were 32, 176 reported crimes in this period.
  • Robbery in Edinburgh has reduced significantly over the years. The number of reported incidents has gone from 696 in 1996-1997 to 220 in 2022/2023.

What Crimes Are Increasing In Edinburgh?

Join us as we unveil a statistical snapshot of Edinburgh’s rising crime trends. We’ll aim to provide a clear picture of the challenges facing the city.


  • In the period April to June 2023, there was an increase in the number of robberies recorded.
  • Sexual crimes also increased in the same period. There was an increase of 32 incidents reported.

How Safe Is Edinburgh?

Statista reported that the Edinburgh crime rate was 607 per 10,000 people in the year leading up to March 2023. The Scottish capital had the fourth highest crime rate within this period, behind other Scottish regions including Dundee.

When it comes to crimes in Edinburgh, although the total number of crimes within Scotland’s capital increased between April and June 2023, there were also reported reductions in particular types of crimes being committed. For example, the number of house robberies and attempted break-ins fell from 293 to 249 during this period, according to the North Edinburgh News.

When considering Scotland’s crime rate generally, it’s important to point out that there has been a decline in the country’s overall crime rate when compared with the rest of the UK. In 2021/2022 in fact, Scotland’s crime rate was the lowest in the UK.

edinburgh crime rate

Is Edinburgh Safe At Night?

When we look at crime in Edinburgh, it is considered a safe place. However, our safety tips on staying safe in the dark can provide you with an added sense of security.  These tips include keeping family and friends informed of your whereabouts and trying to stay in well-lit areas.

Is Edinburgh Safe For Students?

While no place is completely without risk, Edinburgh is generally considered a safe and welcoming city for students. The city’s layout, with well-lit streets and a robust public transportation system, contributes to a sense of security.

Edinburgh University’s Students’ Association also provides advice to students on staying safe within the area. Their tips include keeping valuables out of sight and wearing high-visibility clothing if cycling at night.

is edinburgh safe?

Police Levels In Edinburgh

Here, we offer a brief overview of the current levels of policing in the city. These stats provide a snapshot of the resources dedicated to keeping Edinburgh safe:

police levels in Edinburgh

Crime in Edinburgh: A Breakdown

Let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of crimes that happened in Edinburgh between 2022 and 2023. Understanding these different types of crimes helps us see the big picture of what’s been going on in the city.

When we explore crime in Edinburgh, 32,176 crimes took place in the city during 2022/2023. In the table below, we’ve highlighted some of the most common crimes that took place within the Scottish capital:


Crime Committed Number Of Times The Crime Was Committed
Shoplifting 3,557
Housebreaking 1,449
Antisocial offences 3,957
Damage and reckless behaviour 4,461
Non-sexual crimes of violence 6,939

Edinburgh Crime Rate: What Crimes Were Committed?

From burglaries and theft to violent crime and sexual assault, the Edinburgh crime rate includes a wide variety of offences. We’ve collected some of the different types of crime committed within Edinburgh in our list below:

  • Common assault: 5,810 reported cases.
  • Robbery: 220 reported cases.
  • Rape and attempted rape: 233 cases.
  • Drugs Possession: 1,869 cases.
  • Serious assault and attempted murder: 297 cases.

You can find a full breakdown of the Edinburgh crime rate for 2022/2023 on the Scottish Government website.

crime in edinburgh

So, How Safe Is Edinburgh?

Every city comes with its share of crimes and Edinburgh is no different. When it comes to the Edinburgh crime rate, the overall level of crime in the city increased between April and June 2023. The number of recorded criminal incidents rose to 7,136 for this period.

The type of crime that increased during this time included the number of robberies and sexual crimes.

Despite this increase, crime in Edinburgh has also experienced some positives with reductions in other types of crimes. For instance, motor vehicle crime reduced from 586 reported incidents to 514 and the number of road casualties more than halved in comparison to the same period in 2022. The North Edinburgh News gives further insight into the rate of different types of crime during this period.

Edinburgh’s crime rate, while important, shouldn’t be the sole factor deterring you from experiencing the vibrant charm of Scotland’s capital city. Like any location, it has its share of challenges. But with some caution and safety awareness, this shouldn’t overshadow the host of enriching experiences it offers.

Edinburgh Security

When it comes to protecting people and businesses against crime in Edinburgh, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly opting to employ more security guards within the area. This kind of security presence helps to ensure the safety of staff and assets and protects sites. Engaging a security company is a proactive measure to minimise the likelihood of falling victim to unlawful activities.

Security companies like Region Security Guarding can serve as a vital shield for businesses against crime in Edinburgh and safeguard them against a spectrum of potential threats. This kind of strong security presence acts as a powerful deterrent and discourages criminal activities such as vandalism, theft, or trespassing.

When you hire an Edinburgh security company, you can fortify the defence mechanisms of your Edinburgh business, minimising risks and enhancing overall safety in an ever-evolving security landscape.

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edinburgh security

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