How To Make An Emergency Action Plan?
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31st May 2022

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You may often hear the phrase emergency safety plan or action plan in your workplace, in security recommendations, or as part of health and safety guidelines. But what is an emergency action plan?  And how do you write one?  As security experts here at Region Security Guarding, we are experienced in helping companies understand what to include in an emergency action plan.  To help you get started, take a look at our summary below.

What Is An Emergency Action Plan?

An emergency action plan is an outline of what happens at a venue or workplace in the event of an emergency, instructing on how staff should deal with the emergency, ensuring the safety of employees, visitors, and members of the public.  This type of plan is needed in a number of different workplaces, for example, a construction site emergency action plan or a business emergency action plan.

The need for an emergency action plan is listed in the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, as well as the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations of 1999.  On top of this, an emergency response action plan for those with disabilities is also included in the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.

What Is Included In An Emergency Action Plan?

Emergency Action Plans should be robust documents with detailed outlines of how to handle many types of emergencies.  Once written, the plan should be shared with staff and security to ensure everyone is aware of these procedures.

What should an emergency action plan include?

  • How to raise the emergency alarm
  • Evacuation procedures, including crowd management
  • Identification of emergency exits and signage – including appropriate emergency lighting linked to the British standard requirements.
  • Identification of safe gathering spaces after emergency evacuation
  • Emergency responses on-site, including fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for those with disabilities
  • Plans for medical assistance and first aid
  • A note of who is in charge in the case of an emergency before the emergency services are on the scene.
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What Should A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Contain?

A personal emergency action plan is designed specifically to help those who may need extra assistance in an emergency situation.  This may be someone that has a medical condition or disability that makes escaping an emergency more difficult.

The plan should include specific evacuation routes, including any evacuation aids such as evac-chairs that may be required.  Refuge areas should also be highlighted so that the individual in question knows where to gather.  On top of this, staff may be identified to help with the evacuation, and they will need to be trained accordingly.  Furthermore, building adaptations may be required and should be identified in this plan.

What Are The Benefits Of An Emergency Action Plan?

The most important benefit of an emergency action plan is that it aims to prevent anyone from being injured in any way.  Additionally, fast thinking and following strict procedures in an emergency can help reduce damage to business assets such as stock, buildings, and expensive equipment.  The quicker an emergency is under control; the quicker business can return to normal.

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What Is The Purpose Of An Emergency Action Plan?

The purpose of an emergency action plan is to put in place procedures that will allow you to respond well to an emergency.

Above all, it is important to ensure that any person is moved away from immediate danger while the emergency services are on their way.  Additionally, the plan deals with how to deal with any injuries and protect company assets.

How To Make An Emergency Action Plan?

When you are thinking of how to create an emergency action plan, it is important to ensure that you look at emergency action plan examples to help you structure your plan in a clear manner.  Many emergency action plan templates can be found online, or your security company will be able to assist with an emergency action plan checklist.

If you employ security officers, it is important to ensure that they are part of the writing process, as they are specially trained to identify any health and safety issues and know how to handle emergencies.

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How To Write An Emergency Action Plan?

When writing an emergency action plan, it is important to address the following emergency action plan test questions.  This will ensure that all the important bases are covered.

  • Have you identified the type of emergencies you are likely to face?
  • What detection or alarm systems are in place to identify emergencies?
  • How are employees and members of the public evacuated from the building?
  • Are emergency exits well signposted, with emergency lighting where needed?
  • Where is a safe gathering place for staff after an evacuation?
  • What security is in place at your location?
  • What first aid is available on site?
  • Have you also written a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan for anyone who needs it?

The answers to the questions above will differ depending on the workplace or event, for example, for a construction emergency action plan, the risk of machinery will be listed, which would not be the case in a retail environment.

Finally, once the plan is drafted, it is important to share this will any employees, including security staff.  If you are hosting a large event, it may also be worth sharing this plan with the emergency services and venue management so that everyone is on the same page.

The Take-Away

Emergency Action Plans are not only required by law, but they are the correct way to plan how your business will respond to a number of different scenarios in order to keep your staff and the public safe.  A great way to ensure that your action plan is robust is by including trained security guards in the writing process.  Here at Region Security Guarding, our expert staff are able to identify the risks your business may face, as well as help you plan how to reduce and respond to these risks.  To find out more, contact us today – remember, our business is protecting your business.

To learn more safety tips and methods, visit our Safety Tips & Guides news page, where you find other articles such as “How To Report A Security Incident” and “How To Create A Security Risk Assessment?”.

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