Oxford Crime Rate

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11th November 2020

Oxford crime rate

Oxford Crime

Crime is a serious issue, especially in places of education, and what place in South East England is better known for its education than Oxford? One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford is privy to some of the finest education around, this also tends to invite disaster. In this article, we will be uncovering all about Oxford crime rate and be discussing what are the most common crimes within the area. 

Oxford Crime Rate

Oxford has a population of around 154,600, in the previous year it saw 15,100 crimes roughly, this means that Oxford has 1 crime for every 10 people. Whilst this is a fairly standard crime rate for the UK, with the average being 1 crime for every 10.4 people.

The Most Common Crimes In Oxford

Some of Oxford’s most common crimes are:

  • Bicycle Theft
  • Shoplifting Crime
  • Possession Of Weapons
  • Drug Crimes
  • Criminal Damage And Arson Crime
  • Vehicle Crime
  • Violent Crime
  • Theft
  • Public Order Crime
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Crime
  • Burglaries

Below, we have looked in more detail at the statistics for each crime that takes place in Oxford.

Bicycle Theft Crime – 198% Of The National Average

Bicycle theft is exactly as it says on the tin, the theft or stealing of people’s bicycles. Whilst this definitely isn’t the most egregious crime, with Oxford being housed to such a large educational facility, it is understandable that bicycle theft is so high. Being just shy of double the cases here than the average, and this is with a 34.7% drop from last year.

Shoplifting Crime – 98% Of The National Average

The second-highest rate of crime in Oxford is already below the national average, showing just how good of a handle they have on crime. Shoplifting is indicated by taking anything from a shop without paying for it, this seems to be about on average with the rest of the country, though.

Possession Of Weapons Crime – 95% Of The National Average

Possession of weapons is a very serious crime, having some form of weaponry on you at all can be a terrifying prospect for people, as this could be something as simple as a knife or as serious as a firearm. Whilst this is below average, it is only just and should be watched out for.

Theft From The Person Crime – 94% Of The National Average

Theft from the person is different from robbery as there is no use of force in this instance, this could be pickpocketing or simply grabbing someone’s possessions whilst they are distracted.

Other Theft Crime – 83% Of The National Average

Other theft crime doesn’t have a specific definition, as it just accounts for any type of theft that isn’t explicitly described as robbery, burglary, or theft from the person. Once again, we are below the national average on this, indicating it is a lower chance to lose your possessions in Oxford than in the majority of England.

Drugs Crime – 82% Of The National Average

Drugs crime involves the possession or consumption of any explicitly banned substances, due to the nature of these substances, this can often lead to other crimes being committed. The low level of crimes involving drugs may be a reason why other crime levels are relatively low in comparison to the national average.

oxford crime statistics

Criminal Damage And Arson Crime – 76% Of The National Average

This crime is typically targeted at businesses over individual houses, but criminal damage does strictly mean any form of damage to a property with malicious intent. Unfortunately, even at 76% of the national average crime rate, there were still over 4,000 crimes committed in the past year.

Vehicle Crime – 76% Of The National Average

Vehicle crime is defined as the illicit trade, theft and trafficking of vehicles as well as spare parts, these are activities that affect people and businesses across the UK. Fortunately, as with most other crimes, Oxford is sitting below average, making it so that this isn’t as much of a threat here as in other parts of the UK.

Other Crime – 76% Of The National Average

Another crime is that which hasn’t been defined by any of the other crime criteria, these are just generally illicit behaviours performed by people who aren’t tied to anyone given designation.

Violent Crime – 76% Of The National Average

Violent crime covers a plethora of different illegal activities, from murder to throwing corrosive substances, these cover some of the most egregious acts any one person can perform against others.

Burglary Crime – 67% Of The National Average

Burglary is any act wherein someone is stealing from someone else’s property, this is different to other forms of theft as they are stealing from the person themselves.

Public Order Crime – 55% Of The National Average

This crime is defined as “crime which involves acts that interfere with the operations of society and the ability of people to function efficiently”.

Robbery Crime – 39% Of The National Average

Robbery is described as stealing off of another person through the use of force or implying the use of force, i.e. threatening someone with a gun to give you their wallet would be deemed robbery.

Anti-Social Behaviour Crime – 36% Of The National Average

This is described as any form of activity which intentionally disrupts the day-to-day running of society, this could be playing music incredibly loud or public indecency.

Oxford University Crime

A popular location within Oxford would be its university. Between 2016 and 2017, Oxford University had 362 criminal incidents. Almost 149 of the 362 offences that took place were bike theft, making it a massive 41% of all crimes reported. This supplements the rest of the theft-related offences which total up to 268 or 74% of all offences, making this the most common type of crime committed by a landslide.

Apparently, the University is looking into bringing in a bike rental service to stop bike crime. As bike theft seems to be their most prevalent issue when it comes to crime on campus.

To keep updated with all the latest South East news, head over to new pages where you can find articles about what crime is like in Milton Keynes and whether Oxford is a nice place to live.

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