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Crime and criminal activity is measured by how much of it is committed per 1000 people in a given area, this allows police and other authority figures to get a rough idea of how well crime is being combated and where they might need to improve upon these practices. To this end taking a look at the crime rates in London it is plain to see there is a rising issue regarding crime, with 96 crimes being committed out of every 1000 people, meaning that nearly 10% of the entire population of London have at some point reported a crime. 


As you can see, London is currently experiencing the highest crime rate it has experienced in the last 10+ years. With figures like these it is easy to become worried and concerned for your business and its safety moving forward, London is an incredibly densely populated area, so seeing that it is also rife with crime may lead companies to stock up on security. 

To give a more direct set of figures, between February 2018 through to February 2019 there were over 910,000 crimes reported across the entirety of London. Out of these 910,000, it is reported that Westminster had the highest crime count with 71,034 crimes alone, as you can see from all this data, London has been on a steady incline when it comes to crime for a long time now. 

Whilst it definitely dipped in 2013/2014, this looks to be more so the exception rather than the rule, with previous years showing a staggering 91.51 crimes per thousand people and future years going even higher. But what are the reasons behind such shocking numbers? 

Why crime in London has skyrocketed 

There looks to be no general consensus when it comes to why crime appears to be on the rise, there are some theories with ideas such as social media and music glamorising violence in such a way that influences young people into getting involved with gangs and committing these acts. On top of this with the inter-connectivity of the internet, buying and selling drugs and other narcotics is easier now than it ever has been, leading to more people getting involved in criminal activity from a young age. 

On top of this, police community support officer roles have been cut, with 3 out of 5 positions being completely wiped in general, this means people don’t have this valuable service on their doorstep anymore leading to a lot more troubled people turning to lives of crime. 

Whilst none of this gives us any kind of definitive reason as to why crime is still increasing, it does give us a broad and general perspective on what crime is and how people generally get into it. To this end we might be able to, as a community work together in order to prevent any of these potential issues from happening in the first place.  

However as for businesses, as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, and it doesn’t ring truer than when it comes to crime, having a reliable, affordable and high quality security team patrolling your site at all times has been absolutely proven to reduce any kind of criminal attempt before it even has the chance to happen.  

There are 32 boroughs in London and out of those, the 2 with the highest gun and knife crime over the period of 2000 to 2012 are Lambeth and Southwark, whilst these numbers may have drastically changed, it gives a broad perspective into the safety and security of the London area on the whole. With these areas sometimes experiencing more crime than entire cities in other parts of England, it goes to show you can’t be too secure when it comes to protecting your business or staff. 

Many business owners may neglect security as an optional extra or something that isn’t necessarily needed, however crime has seen to be continuously rising and with there not particularly being an end in sight, keeping yourself safe is the next best option. 

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Infographic displaying the Crime Rates in London for 2020