What Is Violent Crime?

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22nd November 2022

One of the most common crimes within the UK is violent crime offences but what is violent crime really? In this article, we define what violent crime is, discuss whether violent crime in the UK is increasing, and explain how we can prevent violent crime.

What Is Violent Crime?

Violent crime is a crime where a victim has been harmed or threatened with violence, and violent crime covers a variety of different criminal offences. Some of the most common violent crimes are rape crimes, sexual assault crimes, robbery, murder, and assault crimes.

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What Causes Violent Crime?

There is no exact answer for what causes violent crime, as crime itself, there are many reasons why people may commit violent crimes. It is thought by experts that violent crimes are caused because of:

  • People’s Upbringings
  • Poverty
  • Lack Of Security
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse

Has Violent Crime Increased In The UK?

A common question asked about violent crime in the UK, is whether it is increasing or not. From looking at the crime statistics from Statista, we can see that violent crime offences within the UK are increasing rapidly since 2013. Back in 2013, there were only 601,141 violent crime offences reported while last year there were 2,103,151 violent crime offences committed.

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Does Alcohol Increase Violent Crime?

Yes, many experts believe that alcohol abuse is a common reason why violent crimes are being committed. According to the Office for National Statistics, it was considered that at least 70%  of violent crime incidents that occurred at the weekend or night were because of alcohol.

How To Prevent Violent Crimes?

As violent crime is a huge issue over the world, it is extremely important to consider the different ways that we can reduce violent crime incidents. Below, we have listed the three ways that we can stop violent crimes.

Having Good Security In Place

Having good security in place such as hiring security guards, installing security cameras, and placing a home security system at your business or home can help to reduce violent crimes from being committed. Security guards can reduce crime, as they provide a strong security presence and act as a visual deterrent against thieves. Security officers can also do routine patrols around your business or property.

While, having good CCTV monitoring equipment such as CCTV cameras, are an effective way at stopping violent crime offences as they can survey and monitor blind spots on your property, and their recorded footage can often be used as evidence in violent crime cases. Finally, installing a good home security system at your home can help reduce violent crimes such as robberies as it will give the impression that your home has a strong security presence and thieves will avoid homes that have noticeable security.

Having Stricter Drug And Alcohol Rules

The main reason why violent crimes are being committed is due to the influence of drug and alcohol abuse. Many experts believe that if we have stricter drug, and alcohol punishments and rules then this would help to reduce violent crime offences from being committed.

Focus On Gun Control

Another way that we can prevent violent crimes from happening is by having a bigger focus on gun control laws. Many experts believe that if countries have stricter gun laws and enforce gun control that this will help reduce the chances of violent crimes being committed.

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What Counts As A Violent Crime?

A lot of people wonder which crimes are considered to be violent crime offences. Below, we have answered and explained which crimes are considered violent crimes.

Is Theft A Violent Crime?

Yes, theft is a violent crime. Although it doesn’t always cause injury or harm, theft is still a quite distressing experience, so it is considered a violent crime.

Is Armed Robbery A Violent Crime?

Due to the potential damage and injuries that armed robberies can cause, they will be classed as violent crimes.

Is Common Assault A Violent Crime?

Yes, common assault crimes are considered to be violent crimes offences.

Is Kidnapping A Violent Crime?

Yes, kidnapping is classed as to be a violent crime.

Is Arson A Violent Crime?

Arson is considered to be both a criminal damage crime and a violent crime due to the injuries and harm it can cause.

Is Assault A Violent Crime?

Yes, assault offences are classed as violent crimes.

Is Burglary A Violent Crime?

Similar to theft, Burglaries and robberies are considered to be violent crimes due to the potential injuries and distress they can cause victims.

Is Harassment A Violent Crime?

Although harassment can often cause injury it isn’t classed as a violent crime. Instead, harassment crimes, such as stalking, are considered to be domestic violence crimes.

Is Vandalism A Violent Crime?

As vandalism doesn’t cause physical harm to anyone, it is not considered to be a violent crime. Instead, vandalism is thought of as a criminal or property damage crime offence.

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