What Do Security Guards Do At Night?
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7th June 2022

what do security guards do at night

A night security guard is an SIA licenced guard who works at night, and when others are asleep they can be a huge advantage to protecting a business. A night security guard is quite similar to a daytime security officer as they both follow the same main goal of protecting people, buildings, and companies. In this article, we will provide an in-depth look on night security guards and find out what do security guards do at night?

Is A Night Watchman A Security Guard?

A night watchman is someone who is hired to provide protection or guard empty buildings at night. Night watchmen may sometimes be referred to as a security guard as they share similar responsibilities.

What Is The Difference Between A Watchman And Security Guard?

Although they both do provide overnight night security a night security guard and a watchman are still very different. The main difference between them is the amount of training they receive. As night security guards will be SIA licenced and they will be trained to handle or deal with any potential threats. Whilst a night watchman wouldn’t receive this training and instead, if a security incident happened, a night watchman would be advised to call the police.

What Do Security Guards Do At Night?

The main task of night security guards is to protect buildings, people, and valuables away from any danger such as theft or vandalism. Night security guards who work in hotel security will have to protect all guests and may help with any customer inquiries.

Night security guards who work in construction security will be asked to patrol the site, look out for any break-ins and stop any potential crimes such as vandalism. While night security officers who work in retail security may be asked in the morning to let the employees of a shop into the premises.

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What Are The Duties Of Night Security Guard?

Night security guards will have many duties, and some may be similar to a daytime security guard. Below, we have listed some of the tasks and duties that night security guards may undertake.

  • Patrolling a site or a building.
  • Ensuring that all people or valuables are secure.
  • They may use CCTV to monitor different areas of a building or site.
  • Responding to any alarms and all emergencies.
  • Following all company producers and all health and safety procedures.
  • Escort any unwanted or unwelcomed people away from the property.
  • Log everyone entering and or leaving the building, and make sure they have valid reasons for being there.
  • They will have to detect and report all suspicious behaviour.

How Much Do Night Security Guards Make?

According to Talent UK, a UK night security guard can earn £11.79 per hour, and their average yearly salary can be up to £23,000. However, a night guard security salary can vary though depending on how much experience they have or what entry-level they are applying for. As entry-level positions will start at £21,811 per year while more experienced and higher up positions can make up to £29,071 per year.

Another thing that may affect how much money a night security guard makes is the location that they are working in, as busy city areas tend to pay more than smaller rural areas to help cover living costs.

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How Do Security Guards Stay Awake?

One of the biggest challenges a night security guard can face is staying awake at night. Below we have listed some methods and tips to help security guards stay awake.

  • Security guards who work nights will be expected to work long hours, so it is important that plan ahead to get yourself into a good sleep routine. Some guards will do this by sleeping through the day and staying up late a few days before the start of their first night shift.
  • Try to do regular exercise. If you can take regular walks or patrols around the building or site, you are protecting. However, if you are stationed at a desk and are unable to leave try to find ways that you can still stretch and move your body.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. Nutritionists have said that dehydration can cause drowsiness.
  • Install blue light bulbs in areas that your guard is protecting. Sleep experts and researchers have suggested that blue light bulbs can help people to stay awake.

Are Security Guards Entitled To Breaks On Nights?

Yes, night security guards will be entitled to have breaks. All workers within the UK are entitled to rest breaks, and people who work security are also entitled to have compensatory rest breaks. A compensatory rest break when you are able to take your break at a later time. This is useful for night security guards as sometimes they may end up missing their scheduled break if they are dealing with a dangerous situation or security incident.

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What Is It Like Being A Night Security Guard?

Although a night security guard will have similar tasks to a daytime guard, their experience working on these tasks may be very different. For example, as night-time is a more dangerous time for crime, night guards will be expected to be more alert and aware of their surroundings during their shifts so that they can help to reduce night crime.

Another difference between day and night guards is that security guards who work during the day will often have to interact with others such as retail security guards – who may have to help customers. While security guards who work at night may have a lonelier experience, as they will often work independently, and they may not talk to anyone throughout their shift.

How To Be A Good Night Security Guard?

To become a night security guard and be a good one, there are a variety of skills that you will need. Below, we have listed some of these skills.

  • To always be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • To be detailed oriented.
  • Night security guards may often have to work alone so it is important that you are able to work independently.
  • You must be able to follow all security procedures.
  • You must have a good knowledge about security and public safety.
  • To have good communication skills.

Read our Security Guard Guide to find out more information about security guards. Or head over to our news page to stay up to date with the latest security guarding news.

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