Where Do Security Guards Work?

Written by Holly Savage

5th June 2021

When you are becoming a security guard, it is important to consider where do security guards work. And well, security officers work in a wide range of roles across all industries and sectors. Many believe that officers do nothing but sit around, but this isn’t the truth at all. As the security industry is filled with a variety of different niches, each with its own set of unique challenges and guard responsibilities.

So, where do security guards work? We’ll be discussing this and more such as the different areas that guards will work, and what industry sector security falls under.

where do security guards work

What Industry Does Security Guard Fall Under?

When thinking about the job industry, many people are unsure what sector security guards fall under, as guards have been known to work with businesses from a variety of different sectors. However, security guards are considered to be part of the law enforcement and security industry, and this seems to be a popular industry. According to Statista, there were roughly 262,800 employees in the security industry in the UK in the second quarter of 2023.

Where Do Security Guards Work?

Guards can work on construction sites, in retail stores and for many other businesses that need protection for staff and customers, goods or property. They are an imperative part of most companies and are vital to the performance of a business. Security is easily one of the most misunderstood professions in the world. We’ve listed some of the most common job sectors where security guards will work.

Construction Security

It may not seem like it, but construction security is one of the most areas where guards will be needed. This is because many construction zones are often at risk to many security threats like risks like vandalism, loitering, and theft. There have even been cases of sites being intentionally sabotaged by trespassers and other malicious agents.

Given how sensitive this line of work is, any missing or damaged materials could prove to be catastrophic in the future, causing an untold number of injuries or worse, deaths. In construction zones, security guards are usually tasked with carrying out around-the-clock video surveillance monitoring and property or asset supervision.

Besides keeping track of the site itself and the equipment being used, they’re also responsible for ensuring that shacks, fences, gates, and the like remain secure throughout the entirety of the project.

Where do you work as a security guard

Warehouse Security

Another area that security officers will work in is warehouse security. Thieves often target warehouses since companies make use of these to stock incredibly valuable things, such as backup inventory, important equipment, and even customers’ orders. All these come with astronomical price tags attached, which is why they make for the perfect goal for burglars looking for a huge payday.

In warehouses, security guards are mainly responsible for monitoring the assets and ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed inside. Most companies require them to do rounds every closing hour to double-check the safety of the entire facility, which involves inspecting security measures in place and verifying that everything is where it should be.

During work hours, they may also be tasked with checking if employees have their IDs or are wearing the proper attire.

What sector does security officer come under

Mobile Patrol Security

A relatively new development in the industry, mobile patrols are intended to support areas or clients that don’t need a dedicated security guard working at prescheduled hours. This includes properties like parking lots, strip malls, and office buildings, all of which often don’t require around-the-clock monitoring.

Officers in mobile patrol security are trained to carry out a wide variety of tasks, such as responding to an activated security system and performing lock-ups or unlocking if there isn’t anyone available to do so. They usually conduct their rounds after the regular workday is over when properties have already been vacated; however, this depends on the needs of the client.

security guard working

Event Security

Arguably one of the most well-known niches in the industry, event security involves providing protection for attendees or participants at functions like concerts, conferences, festivals, trade shows, and the like. Some of these are prone to becoming unruly, especially if there’s alcohol or other such substances involved.

Depending on the location and the client’s needs, officers can either remotely monitor the venue using surveillance cameras or patrol the grounds themselves.

When working in this niche, officers are primarily responsible for maintaining order throughout the entirety of the event, regardless of what happens. Not only do they keep an eye on the entrances and exits, but they also regulate foot traffic and even help audience members who are lost or are in need of assistance.

They’re also tasked with suppressing disturbances, such as fights and unauthorized persons attempting to get into areas where they aren’t allowed.

security guards work

Retail Security

Retail security is another area where guards will work, and it is a great example of where guards will use their customer service skills. Shopping malls, brick-and-mortar stores, and other such physical establishments often fall victim to thieves, due to their heavy foot traffic and the fact that they contain a ton of items that can be easily carted away.

More importantly, they can become high-risk areas in emergency situations, given the large number of people that are usually inside. In retail establishments, security guards are mainly responsible for monitoring the location to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike, as well as to deter or apprehend shoplifters.

They’re also trained to correctly handle crisis situations, which involves ensuring that all emergency procedures are adhered to and assisting in evacuation efforts. Guards also do have a part to play in customer service and effectively dealing with people in a store.

where do security officers work

Where Do Private Security Guards Work?

Private security guards, like normal guards, will work in a variety of different areas. Private security guards will work in the industrial sector protecting construction sites, factories, and warehouses. Private security officers will also work in more commercial settings and premises such as businesses parks, banks, hospitals, events, retail stores, and schools.

Where Do Armed Security Guards Work?

In the UK, there aren’t a lot of armed security guards as guards aren’t allowed to be armed with weapons due to the government’s strict laws on firearms. Security officers who work armed security will often work in prisons as prison guards.

places that need security guards

Where Are Security Guards Needed The Most?

Security guards provide protection to a variety of different businesses but what places need security officers the most? We’ve listed four common places that need security guards.


Banks are used by many people and they are often a place where people will trust to keep their money safe. Because of this, banks are often at risk to security threats such as fraud and theft. Security guards will be used in banks to stop criminal activity and to ensure the safety of all the customers and workers at a bank. 

where are security guards needed

Construction Sites

As we have mentioned above, construction security is a common area where guards will work. Construction sites are often full of hazards such as vandalism, dangerous working areas, and crime. Security guards will be needed to protect workers from these hazards. And they will often provide construction sites with a strong physical presence.

where do private security guards work


Another critical place that guards will work in is hospitals. Hospitals are often always busy and some may be filled with dangerous situations. Guards are used to protect a hospital from these dangers and they can often add an extra layer of protection to the property. Security guards will also be used to create a safer working environment for workers, visitors, and patients at the hospital.

where do armed security guards work

Retail Shops

As we mentioned above, a key area where guards are needed is retail security. Retail premises are often at risk to thieves. According to the BRC, at least eight million incidents of customer theft were recorded between 2021 and 2022. Security guards will be used to act as a visual deterrent against thieves and will often provide retail shops with a strong physical presence.

security guarding

So, Where Do Security Guards Work?

Although we have mentioned some of the biggest categories that guards will work in, considering how large the security industry is, by no means guards will only work these niches. For instance, there are officers who monitor vacant properties to ensure that these aren’t used by vagrants or for illegal purposes.

There are also those who work in business parks and factories, where they keep track of company assets and guarantee the safety of employees. Different guards with different licences such as an SIA licence can work in different areas but this will depend on the type and level of licences they have.

It’s easy to overlook security guards, but the services that they provide play a critical role in sustaining businesses across the world. If you’re interested in learning more about security guards, head over to our blog where you can find articles about how much a guard makes and what it is like to be a security guard.

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