Do Security Guards Get Drug Tested?
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21st December 2021

Last year, in the UK alone it was reported that around 3.2 million people between the ages of 16 and 59 had taken drugs. For this reason, drug testing can happen in a lot of different job areas, and it can take place all over the world. There are many different rules and laws regarding drug testing that employers and employees should be aware of. But do security guards get drug tested?

What Is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is when employees have been asked by their employer to take a test, to see if there are any drugs in their system. These tests only happen if an employee is aware that their company has a drug testing policy. And if they have agreed to it beforehand. Drug tests normally take place on random days and at random times. This is to prevent predictability in the testing process.

Why Do Companies Do Drug Testing?

There are many reasons why companies may do drug testing. Some of them are:

  • Health and safety reasons, as companies will often want to ensure the safety of their staff members.
  • Drug tests can help to protect a company or a business. If an employee is found taking drugs at work or is under the influence of illegal drugs, this could ruin a company’s reputation.
  • Drug tests may happen because of a job area that an employee is in such as people who work with vehicles, heavy machinery, or in safety-critical areas.
  • Or a company may do drug tests just to see if any workers are taking illegal drugs.

Types Of Drug Testing

There are three main types of drug testing.

  •  Pre-employment testing, which is when employers will test potential employees or applicants prior to them being employed.
  • Post-incident, which is when drug testing happens after a safety risk incident has happened within the workplace and employers suspect that drugs could be involved.
  • Random drug testing, which is when drug tests take place randomly. For random drug testing, companies will normally pick a day when people won’t be expecting it.

Do Security Guards Have Drug Tests?

Security guards may have to take drug tests but this would depend on many things such as the country laws around drug testing and what the security companies’ own rules are about drug testing.

In the UK, drug testing is allowed in certain circumstances. For example, when companies feel their employees’ safety may be at risk. Workers in the UK are allowed to refuse drug tests but may have to face disciplinary action by companies. It is unclear, whether security guards in the UK must get drug tested but it would depend on the security companies themselves; and what their own regulations are about drug testing.

In California when applying for a guard card, security guards don’t have to take drug tests. However, in the USA security guards may have to take random drug tests when they are hired.

In places like Turkey, people who work as a security personnel might have to do drug tests. As they work in a safety-critical area.

Why Might Security Guards Need Drug Testing?

Health and safety could be a big reason why security guards would be asked to take a drug test. This is because the main role of a security guard is to protect people. Companies would want to be absolutely certain that their guards can do this effectively and that they aren’t under the influence of drugs. The job area that security guards are in can also play a factor in why security guards might have to be drug tested; as security guards work in a safety-critical area.

Overall, in some areas of the world security guards will have to get drug tested. The need for drug testing security guards simply depends on what a security companies own guidelines about drug testing are. And the laws about drug testing depend on what country they are working in.

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