What Is A Static Security Guard?
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26th July 2022

Static guarding can be a huge advantage to securing a business, but what is a static security guard? In this article, we will provide a guide all about static security officers, explaining what they are, what their role is, and explain how they are different from guards who work in mobile patrol security.

What Is Static Guarding?

Static guarding is a security service that is primarily focused on having security in one set place. This could be having a guard positioned in a certain area of a building such as a control room or having guards assigned to look after valuables such as machinery in a warehouse.

What Is A Static Security Guard?

Static security guards are guards who provide security for one location or in a set place such as the entrances or exits of a building. Security guards who work in static security will be hired to work in areas that require a physical security presence such as event spaces or retail stores. To become a static security guard in the UK, you will need to have either an SIA security guard licence or a door supervisor licence.

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How Much Does A Static Guard Get Paid?

According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary for a UK static security guard is £22,515. However, higher salaries can offer up to £33,000 pounds per year. How much a guard makes will depend on many factors such as how much experience they have, what position they are applying for, and what location they are working in. As busier city areas such as London may pay more to cover for the high cost of living.

What Is The Role Of A Static Security Guard?

The main role of a static security guard will be to provide physical protection for a business or company. They are able to do this as security guards have been known to be a successful visual deterrent against security threats such as thieves. Having a security guard in place tells any potential criminals that your business is protected, and people are less likely to commit crimes when they know they are being watched.

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What Does A Static Security Guard Do?

Static security guards will have many tasks and responsibilities to oversee. Below, we have listed the most common duties that a static security guard will have.


Static Security Guard Duties

  • To act as a visual deterrent against any potential security threats such as thieves.
  • To use CCTV monitoring equipment to observe the whereabouts of your business.
  • To keep a watchful eye for criminals.
  • Static security guards who work in retail stores may help customers with any inquiries.
  • To monitor and log everyone who enters or exits a building.
  • To do routine patrols around the area you are protecting.
  • To conduct on-site checks.
  • To help reduce crime by acting as a visual deterrent against all security threats.
  • To ensure the safety of all employees and visitors.
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What Is The Importance Of Static Security?

Static security is important for any business to have because it provides an extra layer of protection to your company. Static security guards are a huge advantage to security as they can act as a strong visual deterrent and deter any criminals away from committing crimes at your business or stop any unauthorised visitors from entering your property. Furthermore, having static security guards in place can help put your employees and any visitors’ mind at ease as a guard’s presence can allow people to feel safer.

What Is The Difference Between Mobile Security Guards And Static Security Guards?

A common question asked about static security guards is “how are they different from officers who work in mobile patrol security?” Well, the main difference between the two is that guards who work in static security will be positioned to work at a fixed post or area during their shift. While mobile patrol officers will be positioned to cover security for a wider area, and they may provide security to a variety of different locations.

Another difference between mobile patrol guards and static security officers is that guards who work in static security will have a much stricter patrol routine than officers who work in mobile patrol security, as static guards will have a much smaller area to guard.

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