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21st June 2022

With summer just around the corner, more events such as festivals will be coming up. When attending or planning these festivals it is important to consider festival security, but what is festival security exactly? In this article, we will provide a guide on what is security at festivals, whether festivals can run without security, and what festival security guards are allowed to do.

What Is Festival Security?

As festivals can often be busy and unpredictable is it important to consider festival security. Festival security is a key service within event security, and to put it simply it is the security that is provided at a festival. This type of security could be having SIA licenced security guards, security dogs, or security cameras. The main role of security within a festival with be to provide protection for everyone attending or working at the festival.

What Does Security Do At A Festival?

Security guards who work at festivals will have a variety of different tasks and duties to oversee. Below, we have listed some of these tasks.

  • Ensuring the safety of all guests and employees.
  • Managing crowd controls.
  • Patrolling around the area.
  • Spotting and controlling different types of bad behavior such as anti-social behaviour or out-of-control mosh pits at music festivals.
  • Answering any customer enquiries.
  • Conducting searches or bag searches when guests are entering the festival.
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How Much Does Security Cost For A Festival?

There is no exact figure or answer for how much festival security will cost, as the cost of security will depend on many factors. These factors could be the location which a festival is in, how big the festival will be, how long the festival is taking place, and how many guards you are looking to hire for the festival.

The best way to find out how what the cost of security will be is by contacting and receiving a quote from a reliable security company. When you are contacting festival security companies you should provide them with as much information as possible, so that they can tailor their service to your particular needs.

How Many Security Guards Do I Need For A Festival?

The number of people attending a festival can vary so you may be thinking how many guards will I need? The answer to this question will mainly depend on what size of your festival is and how many people are going to your festival. According to Statista, in 2019 at least 34 million people attended festivals and music concerts in the UK. And it is said that the UK’s biggest festival, Glastonbury, is able to hold up to 210,000 people.

When planning security at a festival or an event is it important that you consider the ratio of guards to guests. If you are having between 50 and 250 people at a festival then 4 to 12 security guards may be needed, festivals with up to 1000 people may need up to 30 guards, while festivals with over 1000 people will need a larger team of security. The best way to find out how many guards you will need for a festival would be to contact a security company.

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Do You Need Security For Small Festivals?

Absolutely! It is important to have festival security regardless of how big or small the festival is.

Can Festival Security Search You?

Yes, security at festivals are allowed to search you whilst you are entering a festival. They conduct these searches to check that you aren’t bringing in any items such as drugs or other prohibited items into the festival. These searches may include a guard looking or searching through your bag or asking you to empty your pockets.

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How Do Security Help With Queues At Festivals?

One way that security is able to help with queues at festivals is by having security barriers throughout the queuing area. Security barriers allow guests at the entrance to the festival know which way they are going, and they can help to keep the queue at a steady flow.

Another way that security can help with queues at festivals is by having security guards situated near the queuing area. Security guards within the queuing area can provide help to the guests by showing them where they need to go and by answering any questions guests may have.

Do Security Stop You From Bringing Water Into A Festival?

A security guard will only stop from bringing water into a festival if it isn’t allowed by the festival’s own rules and guidelines. Some festivals won’t allow you to bring in outdoor food or water into a festival unless you need it for medical reasons. While other festivals will allow you to bring your own food and drinks but not alcohol.

Whether a festival security guard is allowed to stop you from bringing water into a festival will solely depend on the festival’s own rules. Each festival, whether that be a music festival, a comedy festival, or a food festival, is different and will have their own set of rules about what you can bring in. So, it is important that you check online beforehand.

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Can A Festival Run With No Security?

Security is an essential part of festivals. Having security at festivals is important as it is the best method to stay safe whilst at festival events. Without security, a festival would be at risk to security threats such as theft and crime. Festival security, such as festival security guards, are able to stop these threats as the main goal of festival security is to ensure the safety and protection of all guests and employees.

How To Keep Your Tent Secure At A Festival?

If you are camping at a festival, then you may decide to bring a tent with you. Below, we have listed some festival security tips on how to keep your tent secure whilst at a festival.

  • Don’t leave any valuables within your tent, as they may fall victim to thieves. Instead, you should place all your valuables within a locker provided by the festival. Or if you are driving to the event, lock them in your car.
  • Theft and robbery are a common crime at festivals is it important that you only bring items that you are okay with possibly losing with you.
  • Buy a tent alarm. Tent alarms are small alarms that you place in or around your tent that add an extra layer of security.
  • If you see any suspicious behaviour at the festival, then report it to the festival security staff.
  • Don’t use a padlock to secure your tent. Although padlocks can be useful, they will draw attention to your tent and give thieves the impression that your tent contains valuables.

To stay up to date with the latest event news, head over to our news page where you can find articles about special event security.

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