What Is Special Event Security?

Written by Lauren Davison

26th May 2021

Special events are moments of joy, connection, and celebration. Whether it’s a music festival, a corporate conference, or a local fair, ensuring the safety of attendees is crucial. This is where special events security comes into play. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of special events security, its importance, and why it’s essential to keep the day running smoothly.

What Is Special Event Security?

Special event security services are all about keeping gatherings safe and running smoothly, especially for those occasions that don’t happen often. Whether it’s a small private party or a huge public event like the World Cup, organisers rely on professional security measures to keep things under control. This can mean having visible security guards on-site or using CCTV operators behind the scenes. By combining these methods, special event security helps ensure everyone can have a good time without any problems cropping up.

Why Are Special Event Security Services Important?

It’s essential to consider how to stay safe whilst you are planning an event. Ensuring the safety of everyone attending is a key part of organising any kind of special event. Each occassion, therefore, requires a customised approach that focuses on professional security and reducing any potential security risks. It’s the organiser’s responsibility to meet health and safety standards and employ the right special event security that can help with this.

Collaborating closely with reputable and professional security firms, event organisers will typically work to devise meticulous plans covering every aspect of safety. This involves conducting thorough risk assessments and deciding on what special event security services to put in place. These could be utilisng any installed CCTV cameras, door supervision or foot patrols. For ticketed or VIP-exclusive events, highly trained special event security guards play a vital role in managing access and preventing unauthorised individuals from entering the venue.

Given the diverse nature of special events, which may feature multiple entry points, maintaining secure access becomes another important consideration.  Typically, a ratio of one security guard per 100 attendees is recommended to ensure adequate protection.

In the event of disputes or disruptions, highly trained security personnel can professionally handle the situation. This allows organisers to focus on event management and guest satisfaction. By entrusting their special event security to professionals, event organisers can ensure a seamless experience for all attendees, while upholding the highest standards of safety and security.

special event security

What Are The Safety And Security Concerns Of An Event?

When organising a special event, it’s crucial to address the various safety concerns to ensure the well-being of all attendees. Below, we’ve outlined some key considerations that should be taken into account during planning for your special event security services.

Managing Crow Control

Effective crowd control is essential for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of those attending. To manage crowds efficiently, event organisers should analyse the venue layout to identify areas such as clear entry and exit pathways. Another strategy to implement as part of your special event security is ensuring staff are well-trained. This way, they can monitor crowds, communicate important information, and intervene in case of emergencies. By prioritising these strategies, event organisers can create a safe and enjoyable environment while minimising the risk of incidents.


Responsible alcohol management is another significant part of special event security. It plays a huge role in ensuring the safety of everyone there and keeps the event running smoothly. Organisers must also make sure they comply with legal regulations, such as age restrictions and preventing excessive levels of drinking. This includes staff training to recognise signs of intoxication, enforcing drink limits, and monitoring alcohol service to prevent underage drinking and maintain orderliness. By emphasising responsible alcohol management through these steps and professional special event security services, organisers can generate a more secure and pleasant atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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The Security Of Valuables

Ensuring the security of valuables is a crucial aspect to address when anticipating security concerns for a special event. Apart from providing a cloakroom, protecting expensive equipment and vigilant monitoring for potential pickpocketing incidents are essential measures. By asking yourself how many highly trained security guards you need for the event, you can minimise the risk of theft. Their presence not only acts as a powerful form of special event security, but is also a deterrent against criminal activity. This provides a sense of assurance to everyone attending.

Health Concerns

One of the main safety concerns of any event is accidents or health concerns of the guests. Health emergencies can arise unexpectedly, making it vital to have proper special event security services in place. Each event should prioritise the having a first aid station or have designated staff members trained in first aid available on-site to provide immediate assistance if needed. In addition, security guards trained in emergency first aid can offer additional support to anyone requiring assistance until emergency services arrive. This proactive approach enhances the overall safety of the event and instills confidence among guests, knowing that their health needs are a priority.

Special Event Security Checklist

When addressing safety concerns for a special event, it’s crucial to document all potential risks comprehensively to guarantee thorough coverage and a smooth event. This can be achieved through the creation of an event risk assessment. Conducting a risk assessment enables your security team to pinpoint key areas of concern and plan effectively to counter any potential threats.

To help event organisers navigate the complexities of special event security concerns, we’ve created a checklist of important areas to consider. You can use this list to help create a secure environment where everyone can enjoy the festivities with confidence and peace of mind.

Venue Inspection

Conduct a thorough inspection of the event venue to identify any hazards or potential safety risks. This may include assessing factors such as emergency exit routes and and accessibility for attendees with disabilities.

special event security venue inspection

Emergency Preparedness

Develop and communicate a comprehensive emergency response plan that outlines procedures for various scenarios, including medical emergencies, fire outbreaks, and evacuations. Ensure that all staff members are trained in emergency procedures and know their roles and responsibilities.

emergency preparedness

Crowd Management

Implement effective crowd control measures to prevent overcrowding, maintain orderliness, and ensure the safe flow of people throughout the event. This may involve utilizing barriers, signs, and trained personnel to manage crowd movement.

special event security services crowd management

Communication Channels

Establish clear communication channels for attendees to report any safety concerns or emergencies. Provide visible signage with emergency contact information and designate staff members to respond promptly to any incidents.

communication channels

Summarising Special Event Security

As explored throughout this article, special event security requires security services tailored to the unique dynamics of each occasion, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivities. By prioritising meticulous planning, strategic resources, and being proactive, event organizers can ensure the safety and well-being of attendees, performers, and assets.

With the right special event security services in place, you can make sure that each occasion is not only memorable but also safe and secure for all participants. To read more of our event security content, check out our blog.

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