What is a Guard Tour System?

A guard tour system, or guard tracking, is a computerised system which logs the patrol of a security officer. It can be used to monitor the progress of the patrol or even the actual attendance of the security guard.

What are the Benefits of a Guard Tour System?

Businesses and organisations hire guards to protect their premises and help those within the premises feel safe. If a guard is underperforming, not arriving on time, or not conducting their duties while at work then this could leave your business at risk. Also, those in charge of businesses and organisations do not always have the time to spend checking in on the guards to make sure they are doing their job, so it can be difficult to even be aware of the fact that a guard is not conducting their duties.

Hiring from a security company with guard tracking can give you the peace of mind that you need to focus on important matters within the business. Guard tracking is often used to form regular reports of guard behaviour and attendance so that you can clearly see when a guard came into work and started their patrol.

In addition to this, security guards are far more likely to be on time and do patrols when they are aware of the guard tour system in place. This, overall, will put an end to wasted money going into your hired guard for hours they aren’t working and jobs that they aren’t doing.

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