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Mobile patrols are a specialised security feature, designed to cover large areas or premises, we utilise our Region Security Patrol cars to make regular checks in and around the area we are guarding. Our mobile patrols in Birmingham provide a visual deterrent to any given site, this is often times enough to drastically lower the chances of any criminal stepping foot on site.

SIA Licensed security officers in a Region Security Guarding vehicle will patrol your premises throughout the day and night time. Mobile Security Patrols are carried out by us at random times so that a noticeable pattern is not set up, we also display high profile warning boards to show our services are being provided. When our Mobile Security Supervisor arrives on-site each day they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. We cover areas such as schools, parks, areas with a restricted line of vision such as warehouses and shipping yards and those too dangerous to monitor on foot.

Our flexibility and excellent line of expertise is what guarantees that we can deliver planned services so you can tailor your mobile security package to suit the exact needs of you and your business. All of our guards are fully health and safety trained to ensure your site is as safe and secure as possible. They are also constantly patrolling on the move, ensuring they are never in a fixed location long enough to arouse suspicion by potential criminals

Mobile Patrols can be vital to properly protecting some businesses and organisations in Birmingham. All of our security guards have an SIA licence, and Region Security Guarding are an SIA approved contractor, this means that both our company and our guards adhere to national security industry rules and regulations ensuring that our customers receive the best protection possible. If you’re looking to protect your employees, products and business then please call us today to enquire about our services.

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