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About Our Birmingham Security Services:

Region Security Guarding is based near the City of Birmingham but we offer our security services nationwide and we understand businesses requirements when it comes to crime, theft and burglary. We offer security for all types of businesses in Birmingham and will offer you the best advice to protect your property with a unique cost-effective solution. In the city centre of Birmingham alone, there are around 630 crimes reported each month on average (July 2014). Region Security aims to reduce this and protect the people and businesses of Birmingham. We work our hardest to deliver efficient and reliable security guard solutions to our customers, providing only the most professional guards and experienced officers within the Birmingham area.

We make it our highest possible priority to secure you and your premises, whatever industry your business is in Region is available in the Birmingham area and across the UK to provide you with the very best security in the industry. We work with industry regulations to offer competitive pricing to provide our customers with professional security services. We are a fully accredited security company in Birmingham who provide security services throughout the UK.

We are proud of our reputation as a company and our wide range of security services. If you require security in Birmingham we can offer you short or long term contracts, and you will be dealing with a team of security professionals at all time. With years of experience within the security industry, at Region Security Guarding we are proud to be a leading and trusted supplier of security services and guards throughout the whole of the UK.

So if you need a reliable security company within the area of Birmingham, Region Security Guarding can make you feel safe and secure while at work; offering a wide variety of security services. We cover everything from upcoming events, to any retail store in Birmingham. We are a nationwide company which has helped us build up a good reputation; no matter how basic or complex your security needs are, we’ll have a perfect solution for you.

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    Birmingham News

    Birmingham has long struggled with crime, keeping yourself safe in any city is always going to be an issue but when the city is the second largest in the country, this is only exacerbated. We are going to run through each type of crime plumplot has reported on in relation to the national average to get a better idea of where Birmingham sits with each type of crime.

    At what point did Birmingham become the enormous 1.2 million strong city that it is today? Well as we provide our security services in and around the Birmingham area, we figured we would summarise a few of the more interesting and noteworthy points to celebrate Birmingham as a city as well as shedding some insight into just why Birmingham is as big as it is.

    Birmingham is a technological powerhouse when it comes to cities in the UK, I suppose you have to be when you are the second largest city in Britain. It also helps that it is currently experiencing a huge period of key regeneration, with millions going into revamping different aspects of the city (in spite of the pandemic). This begs the question though, what does the future of Birmingham look like? 

    Since the beginning of the global pandemic, bigger cities have struggled to combat the infamous coronavirus. With their bustling streets and crowded subways, how is it possible for such busy places to keep safe? Well Birmingham is one such city that has struggled when it comes to handling the virus and ensuring it’s residents stay safe.

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    We work closely to all of our clients providing them with only the best security solution provided by a team of trained individuals that provide security services within Birmingham. Each of our services can be tailored to suit your requirements and we always aim to be the best security company in Birmingham with competitive prices.

    We are committed to:

    • Ensure all our employees share our commitment and continue to raise standards of performance within Birmingham
    • Provide only the best security; trained and licensed professionals
    • We will provide only the best and most cost-effective solutions to all our Birmingham clients according to their needs and budgets
    • We aim to provide a complete solution to all your security needs

    We recognise that first class security guarding lies with the performance of our team or security officers and supervisors. We attend to last-minute needs to with a fast turnaround to keep your business safe.

    Region Security Guarding has years of experience in the Security industry and we pride ourselves in only supplying the best, most experienced and SIA Licensed Guards so that we can guarantee that Birmingham businesses are protected efficiently and effectively. Despite the large amount of competition we have in the Birmingham area, Region Security Guarding promise to match, if not beat, our competitors’ prices and provide high-quality security services for the most affordable fee.

    We are a reputable security company located near Birmingham, providing a range of security services including anything from Static Security to Retail Security, Mobile Patrol Security and many more. Being a West Midlands based company we strive to deliver and provide our security to local businesses at the best affordable prices.

    FAQ’s about Birmingham

    Birmingham as one of the biggest cities in the UK has a fabled history with many things to be proud of and many things it is famous for, below listed are a few of the main ones:

    • Cadbury’s
    • Peaky Blinders
    • Birmingham Bullring
    • Canals
    • Ozzy Osbourne
    • The highest amount of Michelin star restaurants in the UK outside London

    Birmingham, being one of the largest cities in the UK, is often times seen as a hub for criminal activity. Whilst it definitely suffers with it’s fair share of crime, Birmingham isn’t nearly as bad as people think. There are certain areas to avoid such as Spring hill and Devonwood Way but as long as you keep your wits about you and proceed in a sensible manner, avoiding any unnecessary risk, you should be fine. For a more detailed breakdown of crime in Manchester, check out our article here

    Birmingham is by no means poor, with a current restoration project costing over £700 million there is definitely a lot of money in the local economy. With this being said, there are quite a lot of areas of massive deprivation, leading to a lot of people perceiving Birmingham as a low income city.

    Being a large city, Birmingham has areas where it is much cheaper to live and areas where it can reach extortionate heights. Comparing Birmingham to a city of very similar economic size, Manchester, shows us that Birmingham has, on average, slightly higher living costs:

    Rent prices in Manchester are 5.61% higher than Birmingham

    Groceries prices in Manchester are 3.15% higher than Birmingham

    Consumer prices in Manchester are 2.14% higher than Birmingham

    As you can see, the difference isn’t too big of a deal but it would cost you around £3,196.97 to maintain the same quality of life that you can have with £3,100 in Birmingham.

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