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Vacant Property Security Services


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Vacant properties are large targets for criminals. They invite thieves, vandals and intruders to cause expensive problems for the property owner. We understand that having a vacant property can be a worry and that they are a lot to handle. We are here for you. Our vacant property security services give you peace of mind and ensures that you and your property are protected at all times, day and night.

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Vacant property security

How can we help you stay safe?

Region security guarding have been handling businesses security for years. We know what is required to give you peace of mind and ensure your business and building is well looked after. With high rates in criminal activity on vacant property it is imperative that you protect your building if it is left empty and vulnerable.

Criminal offences such as fly-tipping, theft and squatting are on the rise and are particularly targeting vacant properties. They are also highly susceptible to crimes such as metal theft, a crime that costs the UK economy an estimated £770 million every year.

Our Vacant Property Security:

Our vacant property security officers are fully SIA trained, experienced, and licensed to give exceptional quality security services.  We also provide vacant property security guard tracking so that you can monitor where your security guards are at all times. We constantly monitor the security services that we offer to ensure they are of the highest quality and continue to meet your requirements.

Our vacant property protection services range from manned guards to remote CCTV monitoring to ensure we deter and detect any criminal behaviour. We will help you put the necessary security measures into place, so that your vacant property is as safe as possible.

Mobile Patrol

How to secure your vacant property:

Our security guards will constantly monitor and patrol your vacant property to ensure it is safe at all time. Having a security guard at your property will work as a deterrent to criminals, therefore lowering the risk of expensive damage to your site. They will also detect any criminal behaviour taking place, and deal with the situation swiftly in the appropriate manner.

Our mobile patrol services will patrol your premises day and night in our patrol vehicle to keep an eye on the property and inspect the area. These patrols will not only pick up on any issues with your property, but it will also work as a deterrent to criminals thinking of striking. Criminals will think twice about targeting a property with regular mobile patrols.

Using security dogs to defend your property against crime is a smart choice. Security dogs are highly trained, and their heightened senses can detect disturbances extremely well, often before a security guard can. Having security dogs adds an extra wall of protection between the criminals and your vacant property.

CCTV monitoring is an essential part of keeping a vacant property or site safe. We can offer you highly trained SIA licensed guards to monitor your site when it is left vulnerable. We will not only watch over your vacant property and respond to any alarms or incidents, but we will also operate routine check calls to control centre to ensure everything is still secure.

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