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A little more about Vow Wholesale…


VOW Wholesale’s legacy began back in 1852 as John Heath, delivering stationery products around the Birmingham area. Since then the business has grown through mergers and acquisitions until VOW was formed in 2008.

They have expanded their portfolio and service offering, striving to become the first-choice wholesaler of business supplies in the UK by offering choice, flexibility and an outstanding customer experience.

VOW offers both products and services that include: furniture, technology and IT supplies, office supplies, distribution services, marketing and publications.


What was the security risk?


This case study highlights the role and effectiveness of our gatehouse security services. Gatehouse security plays a crucial role in controlling access, maintaining site security, and providing a visible deterrent against potential threats.

This case study focuses on the implementation of gatehouse security services as VOW wholesale were not happy with their current security provider as they were unable to fulfil the shifts they required.

The existing access control measures were inadequate, leading to unauthorised individuals gaining entry to the site, posing security risks and potential threats to the facility, personnel, and assets.

The site lacked an efficient system for verifying the identity of visitors, contractors, and deliveries. This posed challenges in controlling access and ensuring that only authorised individuals entered the premises.

How did we help them?

We have been working with Vow Wholesale since November 2021 at their main site in Birmingham.

We deployed highly trained and licensed security personnel to manage the gatehouse security operations. Our security guards were responsible for verifying the identity of all individuals entering or exiting the site, enforcing access control policies, conducting thorough searches when necessary, and ensuring compliance with site-specific security protocols.

Our gatehouse security personnel conducted rigorous screening of all visitors, contractors, and deliveries entering the site. This included identity verification, vehicle inspections, bag checks, and scanning for prohibited items or substances. Our professional security guards were trained to identify potential security threats and respond appropriately.

Region Security Guards captured essential details, including identification, purpose of visit, duration of stay, and vehicle information. Gatehouse security personnel managed the system, ensuring accurate records and facilitating efficient visitor management.


“Region Security Guarding Ltd provided us with an excellent service at our site in Pineham. They were very professional throughout and competitively priced.”

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