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A little more about The Student Housing Company…


The Student Housing Company Limited first launched in 2011. They are a leading company in the United Kingdom that provides high-quality student accommodation across the country. They are going above and beyond your expectations. The service is high quality while paying attention to every detail.

They are part of a bigger group called the Global Student Accommodation, which helps to provide student accommodation in Europe (Germany, Spain) and Asia (Japan). In the UK, they try to base their student accommodation buildings as close to universities as possible, for example in cities like London and Edinburgh.

They are a company that really stand out in the student accommodation market and Region Security Guarding are proud to have worked with them. They make renting easy, safe, and comfortable. If you’re looking for student accommodation in the UK, then this should be your first choice.


What was the security risk?


Student accommodation and their surrounding areas have often fallen victim to crimes, such as theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour. Students are usually an easy target to criminals and thieves, therefore security in crucial.

In 2017, one of their locations, Bentley House (Birmingham) made an enquiry to us for reception & building security. This enquiry was made because they wanted to protect the students living there and secure the building from unwanted visitors and unknown guests.

After the Student Housing Company enquired about our reception & building security services, we started forming their very own tailored solution. As mentioned previously, they required security for a specific student accommodation site within Birmingham.

The protection they sought was for both night and day protection on various days, but many of the shifts we would come to cover would be at nighttime. Here at Region Security Guarding, we use professional SIA trained guards to help deliver excellent and efficient security services.

How did we help them?

During the nighttime shifts, our guard carries out several important roles. The focus of their role is to maintain a safe environment for those who reside in the building. To do this, our guard ensures that everyone who enters the building signs both in and out and has a valid reason for being there. They also deal with any issues that may arise, for example any unwanted people hanging around in the entranceway or anyone causing problems throughout the whole building.

The day shifts that we cover entail the same guard responsibilities as those listed above, for nighttime shifts, but also require additional tasks. Throughout a day shift, our guard will patrol the entirety of the building, checking that each floor is secure. They will do this every hour. This is an essential part of their responsibilities because it ensures that not only the reception but the entire building is safe and secure while at its busiest.


… and we continue to help


Additionally, roles that our guard carries out in the day includes accepting parcels and other deliveries, this requires them to have extensive knowledge of the business systems so that they can be logged. Throughout the day there are more people entering and exiting the building including visitors, meaning that our guards must stay on their toes. They may also have to provide visitor information, when necessary, alongside warmly welcoming everyone into the building.

In addition to the main tasks listed that our guard carries out in the day and at night-time, our guards are fully versed in the procedures they need to follow, especially the fire alarm procedure. This is extremely important as it ensures that if something did happen to this effect our guard would be able to correctly respond, therefore helping to retain life.


“The security has been fantastic overall. Guard is an absolute superstar and please pass on our thanks. I have been very impressed and we would like to use Region if we have any holidays to cover in the future.”

The Student Housing Company


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