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A little more about The Student Housing Company…


The Student Housing Company Limited was established in 2011 and has since positioned itself as a leading provider of exceptional student accommodation throughout the United Kingdom. The company delivers high quality services while attending to every detail.

As an integral component of the larger Global Student Accommodation Group, the company contributes to the provision of student housing across Europe (Germany, Spain) and Asia (Japan). In the UK, their strategic approach entails situating student accommodation buildings as close to universities as possible, for example in cities like London and Edinburgh.

Distinguishing themselves within the competitive student accommodation market, they are a company that really stand out. By facilitating effortless, secure and comfortable renting experiences, they have established themselves as the premier choice for those seeking student accommodation in the UK. Region Security Guarding are proud to have worked with them.


What was the security risk?


Student accommodation and its surrounding areas have unfortunately been susceptible to criminal activities, including theft, vandalism, and anti-social behavior. Given that students often become targets for criminals and thieves, ensuring robust security measures is a matter of importance.

In 2017, Bentley House (Birmingham), approached us with an inquiry regarding reception and building security services. Their primary objective was to safeguard the well-being of their student residents and fortify the premises against unauthorised access by unknown individuals.

Upon receiving this request, we initiated the process of developing a tailored security solution specifically designed to address the unique requirements of the student accommodation site in Birmingham. At Region Security Guarding, we pride ourselves on employing professional Security Industry Authority (SIA) trained guards who possess the expertise necessary to deliver exceptional and efficient security services.

How did we help them?

During the nighttime shifts, our guard carries out several important roles. Their primary focus revolves around maintaining safety within the premises. To achieve this objective, the guard oversees the entry and exit of individuals by ensuring that everyone properly signs in and out and possesses a valid reason for accessing the building. Additionally, they promptly address any issues that may arise, such as deterring unwanted individuals loitering in the entrance area or managing disruptive behavior throughout the entire facility.

Throughout the day shift, the guard conducts regular patrols across all floors of the building, meticulously inspecting and confirming their security. These patrols occur hourly and serve as a vital aspect of their responsibilities. By undertaking these proactive rounds, the guard not only ensures the safety and protection of the reception area but also extends their vigilance to the entirety of the premises during its busiest hours, thereby fostering an environment that is safe and secure for all occupants.


… and we continue to help


Additionally, roles that our guard carries out in the day includes accepting parcels and other deliveries, this requires them to possess in-depth knowledge of our business systems, enabling them to efficiently log and manage these items. As the number of individuals entering and exiting the building escalates throughout the day, including visitors, our guards remain alert and responsive.

In addition to the main tasks listed that our guard carries out in the day and at night-time, our guards are fully versed in the procedures they need to follow, especially the fire alarm procedure. This aspect is vital as it ensures that our guards possess the expertise to promptly and accurately respond in the event of an emergency, thereby safeguarding lives and minimising potential risks.


“The security has been fantastic overall. Guard is an absolute superstar and please pass on our thanks. I have been very impressed and we would like to use Region if we have any holidays to cover in the future.”

The Student Housing Company


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