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A little more about Clearstream Group…


Clearstream Group maintain industry leading skills in key technologies such as CISCO, SonicWALL, Checkpoint, Microsoft and LINUX, across a range of platforms to support their services which include Co-location, Virtual Servers and Dedicated hosting. They are experts in IP provision for both private and Internet networking solutions, including Internet Security.

They are experts in Hosting, Private Cloud, Networks and WAN Connectivity. 

Services include: Co-location, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Network and Internet Security.


What was the security risk?


This case study explores the implementation of reception security guards in a data centre facility. Data centres house critical and sensitive information, making security a top priority. This case study focuses on a data centre that the Clearstream Group recognised they needed enhanced security measures at the reception area to prevent unauthorised access, protect valuable assets, and maintain confidentiality.

The reception area lacked sufficient control measures to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the data centre premises, potentially compromising the security of sensitive data.

Valuable assets, such as servers, networking equipment, and storage devices, needed enhanced protection against theft, damage, or unauthorised removal.

The data centre held confidential information for various clients. Ensuring strict access control and confidentiality of client data was critical to maintaining trust and compliance with data protection regulations.

How did we help them?

We have been working with Cala Homes since October 2021 at their main site in Wales

Clearstream Group got in contact with us as a professional security service provider to deploy trained security guards at the reception area. The security guards were responsible for verifying the identity and purpose of each visitor before granting access to the facility. They also monitored the reception area for suspicious activities, enforced access control policies, and responded to security incidents or emergencies.

A digital visitor management system was implemented to streamline the check-in process and maintain a record of all visitors to the data centre. The system captured visitor details, including identification, purpose of visit, and duration of stay, enabling better tracking and accountability. The security guards monitored the system and ensured visitors followed the necessary protocols.

The presence of our reception security guards, along with access control measures, significantly reduced the risk of unauthorised access to the data centre. Strict identity verification and adherence to access control policies enhanced the overall security posture.


“Region Security Guarding Ltd provided us with an excellent service at our site in Pineham. They were very professional throughout and competitively priced.”

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