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Looking for security companies in Bournemouth?

Here at Region Security Guarding, our Bournemouth security company has been protecting businesses from criminal behaviour all over the country for 10 plus years. We strongly believe that every company should have peace of mind that they are secure and safe, from staff members to assets. That’s why we provide excellent Bournemouth security guard services to business with security concerns.

However big or small, we can help protect your business and put your mind at ease. We offer a range of security guard services in Bournemouth, such as manned guarding in Bournemouth and retail security in Bournemouth. Whatever industry your business is in, we can help to protect you. All of our Bournemouth security guards are SIA licensed and experienced to provide you with the best security in Bournemouth.

Crime In Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s antisocial behaviour crime statistics show a worrying trend. Between April 2020 and march 2021, 20.8k antisocial crimes were committed, which was 118% of the national crime rate. This was an annual increase of 35.2% for the area.

Criminal damage and arson are also worryingly high, at 11% of the national crime rate. These figures show that although Bournemouth may not be know for its dangerous areas, it is still a hotspot for certain crimes that could greatly affect businesses in the area.


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Do I need a Bournemouth security company?

Running a business is extremely difficult and protecting it even more so. Choosing the right Bournemouth security company is a tough choice and rightfully so, being able to trust a company with the safety of your staff is a daunting task. This is where Region Security Guarding comes in, with years of experience guarding and protecting businesses in and around the Bournemouth area, you can rest assured that you and your business are in good hands, our mission statement is to ensure affordable, high quality security, nationwide.



Our Bournemouth Security Guards

For example, we have had 10+ years of experience in providing SIA licensed guards to construction sites to make sure they are well protected and secured from the groundwork stage through to full completion. Our security guards are responsible for frequent calls to check security, controlling the site and reporting any possible threats or incidents.

We also have a team of supervisors that monitor their performance by making regular checks on them. We do, however, work across all industries, providing Bournemouth security services for retail businesses, warehouses and many more.

We want to provide our services to businesses at a fair price too. Which is why we offer a price match promise to ensure we never overcharge for security services in Bournemouth. We will tailor all of our security services to each individual business to ensure you get the best results for you.

You can get in touch with us at any point for assistance and guidance, and we will be happy to discuss your security concerns. Our security guard tracking system for our Bournemouth security guards also means that you can keep track of all of your security guards and ensure they are working as they should and are where they’re supposed to be.

Region Security Guarding have been protecting businesses all over the UK for years. We have worked hard to protect a safe working environment for business and to protect their assets. It important to work with a security guard company that you trust. Therefore, we support you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your services and to see if there is anything else we could be doing to help you.

Looking for security jobs in Bournemouth? Why not fill out our application form for security jobs in Bournemouth and we’ll get back to you if any jobs come up! We’ll get in touch about any potential security officer jobs in Bournemouth or security guard jobs in Bournemouth.

Also, check job posting sites such as for more security guard jobs in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

Having a 24/7 Bournemouth security guard in place at your business can have so many security benefits. Each business is unique and so will require a unique service for them. Therefore, there is no one set price for security guard in Bournemouth. There are many things that affect the cost of security guards, such as the site details, role specifics and much more.

To get the best price however, Region Security Guarding offers a price match promise. Meaning that we won’t be beat by any competitor and you will get the best price for your 24/7 Bournemouth security guard.

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Bournemouth Security Firms

It’s critical that you protect your Bournemouth business. In order to do this you need to consider high-quality Bournemouth security services in order to remain safe. With years of experience within the security industry, at Region Security Guarding we are proud to be a leading supplier of security services and security guards throughout the whole of the UK.

We work our hardest to deliver efficient and reliable security guard solutions to our customers, providing only the most professional guards and experienced Bournemouth security officers. At Region Security Guarding we believe no business can grow without a safe and secure environment, this is why we make it our job to make your business a safe working environment.

Is Bournemouth Safe At Night?

With night comes higher crime rates. This is no different in Bournemouth. The darkness gives criminals cover to commit crimes they usually wouldn’t in the day. Bournemouth can be dangerous at night, depending what area you are in. Therefore, it is important to be more careful at night time. The area has a moderate safety level when walking alone at night according to

Is Bournemouth Rough?

In general Bournesmouth is a nice and lively areas. However some parts, as with any city, are considered quite rough. These areas in particular are suseptible to higher crime levels, with violent crime being a particular problem in Bournesmouth.

Is Bournemouth A Nice Place To Live?

Bournemouth has some very nice areas, with some beautiful views and scenery. With sandy beaches it is a very nice place to visit and live. However, there are certain areas that are more run down and can be more dangerous, as there is with most places.

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