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How COVID-19 Affects Your Business

Coronavirus and it's effect on your security

With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the coronavirus, many businesses start to wonder about their security and safety in the workplace. With Region Security Guarding working through the pandemic, we are able to say with certainty that all of our social distancing officers are suitably informed and educated when it comes to COVID-19.

Our social distancing guards have been made explicitly aware of all the precautions that are necessary to take within a social distancing setting, with health and safety at the forefront of the mind during this pandemic, they won’t be bringing in any disease or illness onto your site due to strict regulations surrounding their hygiene and general well being. This allows our social distancing guards to make sure they are well protected along with those around them.

As lock-down restrictions ease up slightly, we are remaining as vigilant as ever, still maintaining social distancing, keeping security officers sanitised and educated on any potential new symptoms and most importantly working to keep UK businesses around the nation safe from the threat of crime.

Coronavirus has seen a drastic change in the way it is viewed, from initially being something of a non-threat to now becoming a global pandemic, it is critical we all work together to ensure we come out of this with as few casualties as possible. With that being said the World Health Organisation (WHO) have announced they are increasingly more worried about a second spike, with this information in mind, it is important to be mindful of how and when we present ourselves. If working from home is possible then it is strongly encouraged and that is why we have tried to remain working in order to keep the nation safe when there is no one out there to protect it.

For more of our thoughts and views on COVID-19 and the coronavirus, see our article here: https://www.regionsecurityguarding.co.uk/update-on-coronavirus-cases-deaths-nhs-prime-minister/

How Our COVID Marshall’s Stay Safe


All of our guards are completely up to date when it comes to the procedures of social distancing and implement them to prevent the spread of COVID-19


As coronavirus progresses and more equipment becomes available to tackle it, we invest in keeping our guards and you business safe by purchasing these.


With sanitation becoming more and more prevalent, our social distancing officers are asked to ensure they are completely sanitary before entering a site


If a social distance security officer comes down with COVID symptoms then we are happy to send them home and replace the guard at a moments notice


By staying alert and mindful of one another, our security officers are capable of seeing their job through whilst remaining conscientious of other people e


All social distancing officers are assigned multiple different face masks and shields to wear when on site so as to prevent the spread of coronavirus

What security services do we provide?

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All of Region Security Guarding’s standard security solutions are still available during this time. This means we still offer our wide variety of different security options to suit your business, these security solutions are as follows:

Our COVID Marshall’s are capable of performing all of their duties to their fullest, with our new COVID Marshall scheme we are ensuring all of our social distancing officers and security guards are up to date on their hygiene and sanitation regiment.

Our COVID Marshall’s able to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 by performing extra actions such as holding open doors for people, pressing elevator buttons and many more, all in the mindset of keeping our guards and your business safe.

We have already got dozens of COVID Marshall’s working across the entire nation in places like retail stores keeping everything and everyone safe. With the sudden explosion of coronavirus, our social distancing officers were dispatched immediately and with extreme discretion meaning not only are these businesses safe but they are able to return to work once all is safe again, unhindered.

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