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Reception, Concierge and Building Security in Scotland

Professional Security Guards in Scotland

Our Reception & Building Security Guards in Scotland

We are constantly monitoring the Security Services we provide in Scotland to ensure that they meet all the requirements you may have. Our Security Guards are given full site instructions and protocols are laid out clearly for them. Our Management team make regular site visits, actively monitoring the staff to help us respond quickly in the event that there is an emergency.

We are able to perform any tasks when on-site in a Reception in Scotland our guards will see to tasks such as reception duties, monitoring the incoming and outgoing of products and any other services you require. It is difficult to operate around some security services, so having a guard always willing to lend a hand helps to alleviate some of that burden, whilst all this is ongoing, however, security is the number one priority, keeping your business and employees safe and secure comes before all else.

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    Reception & Building Security Solutions in Scotland

      Years of Experience in Security in Scotland
      Competitor Prices always MATCHED or BEATEN
      Customer Service all year round
      Customer first mindset
      Guards able to help with tasks such as reception duties
      Professional and approachable attitude
    •  SIA Licensed and trained
    •  5 years screening and vetting process for all guards
    •  Elite protection from a leading security company in Scotland
    Superior concierge service
    •  Polite and easy to communicate with officers

    Reception & Buildings Security in Scotland

    Reception areas can often be places that are left unprotected despite them being the central hub of a building, having a safe and secure reception can discourage criminals from entering the property. If there is any criminal activity happening inside the building our guards will be sure to act swiftly and discretely to root out and solve the issue. This unprecedented level of security is built on the back of years of experience in the security sector and a set of highly trained and experienced guards.

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