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Our Hotel Security Guards:

Choosing the correct security company to provide you with Hotel Security is crucial to ensuring that your hotel guests and staff are safe at all times of the day. Region Security Guarding only provides fully SIA Licensed guards to your business that are reliable, punctual and ready to assist you however they can.

Hotels often fall victim to theft and vandalism, with surrounding areas and car parks being common areas for these sorts of crimes to take place. No matter the size of your Hotel, our Hotel Security Team promise to provide Hotel Guarding that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Hotel Security Guards will:

  • Undertake Internal and External Site Patrols
  • Prevent Staff and Customer Harassment
  • Do Authorised Room Checks
  • Access Control

Our Hotel Security Guards can provide solutions such as:

  • Site Patrols
  • Room Checks
  • Access Control
  • Harassment Prevention
  • CCTV Monitoring

A site survey of your hotel will take place, determining and organising with you the specific services that need to be performed in order to keep your business up to standards. Once these services start to be provided to you our supervisors will often visit to ensure that our guards are correctly maintaining and securing your site.

Our officers aim to help by conducting regular patrols of the site, preventing any crimes and checking other risks such as broken windows that may have been broken into, they will also ensure that guests are behaving appropriately and are also keeping their televisions and other appliances at a low volume to prevent noise complaints, monitor alcohol usage within the premises to avert any anti-social behaviour and mention health and safety issues to hotel management.

Guards provided by Region Security Guarding will always treat guests and staff members alike with upmost respect and politeness to ensure your hotel is a friendly and inviting environment for all.

Hotel Access Point Security Guards

With such a large amount of people coming in and out of your hotel every single day it becomes hard to keep track of everyone who is located on the premises. Our Hotel Security Guards are available at any time in the day to monitor each and every access point of your hotel. Our Guards will also monitor any CCTV Cameras present within the building.


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