Hotel Security

With hotel security, you can have peace of mind about your guests and staff by largely reducing the potential for security threats and other crimes that may follow.

  • SIA-licensed security team with experience and drive
  • Specialised tasks carried out by personnel to ensure maximum site safety
  • Hotel security services around the clock

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Hotel Security Services

Given the nature of hotels, they are often made susceptible to security threats – most commonly public disorder or violence. So it comes as no surprise to learn that security plays a vital part in elevating the security and reputation of your business. Our team of hotel security guards are dedicated to bolstering the safety of your business, providing guests with a peaceful environment to rest in so that they can be relaxed and refreshed come morning.

At Region Security Guarding, we acknowledge the crucial role that hotel security plays, especially for guests and employees. This is why we put additional emphasis on ensuring that our security guards are expertly trained. Their expertise aids them in de-escalating hostile situations or providing assistance to customers should it be required.

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Our Hotel Security Guards

With hotel receptionists being one of the most pivotal roles within the business – being the communication point between a hotel and its guests – they are often left vulnerable to any potential risks. Having a deterrent for any risk of crime, such as strong security systems, can help to protect both the business and its staff.

To keep your business and its employees safe, our committed hotel security guards will fulfil indispensable positions:

  • Providing educative help to guests who may require it
  • Performing routine rounds of the property to ensure control measures are in place
  • Reliably manning surveillance systems to watch and prevent incidents
  • Remaining vigilant and attentive at all times
  • Promptly respond to alarm alerts

Our officers will secure your business around the clock, so that you, your staff and your guests may have peace of mind.

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"Services provided were excellent! Punctuality was excellent, management was well organised, and communication with both employees on duty and the management was excellent. I would definitely recommend your services and would not hesitate to use your services in the future."

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"The security has been fantastic overall. Guard is an absolute superstar and please pass on our thanks. I have been very impressed and we would like to use Region if we have any holidays to cover in the future."

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"We approached Region Security Guarding with an urgent need for security at a large site in Pineham, Northamptonshire. They provided us with a quotation within the hour and managed to resource a security guard for the following day. The security guard worked on the site for a two-month period and was punctual, reliable, and professional throughout. Any queries or requests that we had throughout this period, were actioned promptly by the Region Security manager. We would definitely recommend using Region Security, as they provided an excellent service for a reasonable price."


“A professional and reliable service. Always easy to contact and has never let us down with cover. No hesitation in recommending and competitively priced also. After using an unreliable costly company for several years it is a pleasure to do business with Region Security. Thank you Namrita and team!”

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“Great company, professional services, friendly guards and helpful at times when required.”


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“We have used Region security for quite a while now. Top notch service, great guards and helpful staff. We love Mo the guard and Namrita for all of their help/work. No need to try the other companies at all.”

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“Fantastic service, really could not have asked for more from them.”


"Due to increase in shoplifting the company supplied us with security guards. They proved to be very good and managed to catch many shoplifters. In fact some of them were our regular customers. In a few months our takings and profit has gone up. I would recommend Region Security Guarding anytime."

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We're Proud To Work With:

Adaptable Hotel Security

The hotel business can be quite unpredictable at times, with each site posing its own distinctive security threats and problems. That is why it is paramount that we curate our strategies specially for your business’s needs. With every customer, we closely collaborate to ensure the most efficient security safeguarding solutions are being tailored for them.

Not only do our security guards possess full SIA licences, but we also boast a free personnel tracking system with all of our services. These are in place to guarantee our approach provides the ideal aid to your site’s needs and the highest level of trust in our services. We also offer valuable information on how to manage and improve your business’s line of defence whilst giving you full clarity on the guards currently on your property.

Being reliable in the delivery of our methods allows us to define our unique approach and ensure client satisfaction.

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Let’s talk about how we can help you stay protected against security risks

Professional keyholding & alarm response services, with dedicated SIA licensed security personnel.

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Region Security Guarding Ltd, holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding Services.

CCTV Hotel Security Measure

Hotel Security And Why It Is Important

Unfortunately, when running a hotel business, it is nearly impossible to avoid encountering some sort of criminal activity on your premises. Some of the most common crimes that occur include allegations of violence and theft. Employing our exceptionally qualified security officers would help ensure that your property is receiving the best protection – and no area is left vulnerable.

The security of hotels is fundamental for their continued success, and the safety and fulfilment of guests staying overnight. Moreover, investing in our hotel security guard services around the clock creates a serviceable environment that leaves your customers feeling satisfied and secure during and after their stay.

We also provide other services alongside our SIA-licenced security guards which complement their abilities, such as CCTV Monitoring and Door Supervision. For additional information on these services – and others – contact us or view our full list below!

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How Does Hotel Security Help Me?

Our hotel security guards are entrusted with ensuring that your property is kept secure. To achieve this, our officers are trained in certain skills, such as:

  • Customer service and handling
  • Emergency evacuation procedure handling
  • Conflict de-escalation
  • Responding swiftly to emergency alarms

By having our personnel stationed in your lobby to assist your staff, we guarantee a safe and secure hotel lobby experience. This not only instils immediate confidence in your business among customers, as their initial interaction occurs in a protected environment with 24/7 surveillance but also ensures the overall security of the premises.

For inquiries or if you wish to explore our services, feel free to visit our Request a Quote page for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation!

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Additional Information on Hotel Security

What To Expect With Our Hotel Security Solutions

When you choose our company to provide reliable security personnel for your business, you can anticipate top-tier guidance and support. We are committed to providing you with only the best protection from our SIA-licenced team while catering to your individual needs.

When we are assigned your security requirements, we take the utmost care to ensure that the team we send you is as qualified for the job as can be. During the quote process, we work closely with you to discuss any key pinpoints and requirements you may have, so that comprehensive instructions can be made surrounding protocols. Our commitment to the cause ensures that all your needs, even additional ones, are met.

To guarantee yourself our dedicated service, feel free to contact us with any enquiries regarding the process. Our experienced team will be on hand to assist you.

What Security Measures Should There Be In A Hotel Room?

In order to create a safe environment for guests and staff alike, security should be a top priority. However, it is difficult to know what measures should be implemented and where. Some basic measures that are vital for a guest’s room are:

  • Emergency manuals – it is often overlooked to put emergency manuals in guest rooms, but they can be incredibly useful, as they give guests an understanding of what to do during emergencies if they happen.
  • Keycard locks – keycards are much safer compared to traditional locks and keys and are an incredibly efficient way of managing who accesses what rooms.
  • Safety vaults – safety vaults are a crucial measure that provide your guests with somewhere safe to store their valuables if they leave the room for prolonged periods. It also reduces the chances of their belongings being stolen if their room is broken into whilst they are out.
What Areas Do We Provide Service To?

Although we are based within the West Midlands, our security operations encompass the whole of the United Kingdom. We understand how crucial the act of providing specialised security services can be, no matter the location of our client. We are committed to spreading our strong security service across the country, so that they may assist clients who need their business protected.

What Is The Role Of A Security Guard In A Hotel?

Duties for hotel security guards can vary depending on the scale and location of the hotel. The security personnel are vital in creating and upkeeping the calm and secure environment that is expected from those on the premises. The duties with which this is achieved are often:

Surveillance – Watching CCTV systems and keeping an eye on alarms in order to be aware of security threats.

Patrolling – Frequently surveying the property to remain alert for suspicious activity. Alternatively to identify and resolve any hazards, and ensure the safety of staff and guests.

Helping Guests – Aid guests of the hotel with guidance and helpful information that they may require during their stay (i.e. directions and policies).

How Our Security Service Meets Your Needs

When you choose our security services, we are aware of the needs that we might need to cater to for each business. This is an aspect which we fully embrace.

We have congregated the most knowledgeable team of security personnel so that we might discuss with you your site; which in turn will enable us to curate thorough security solutions that will align with your company’s precise needs. It is our top priority to identify any existing vulnerabilities you may be suffering from, and remedying them with our diverse protocols in order to create seamless security coverage for you and your company.

Threats That Can Be Prevented With Hotel Security

Having a well-secured hotel aids in the prevention of many criminal activities that may affect staff and guest well-being or safety. Some of the potential threats that can be prevented are:

Assault and Harrassment – Discourage individuals with the intent to harm or provoke members of staff and guests. Provide a prompt response to incidents that may involve this type of threat.

Theft – Reliable security measures can heavily reduce the likelihood of thieves attempting to rob the premises. Additionally, they can help to aid in the early detection and removal of the problem, drastically reducing the risk of property theft.

Unauthorised Access – Having competent security measures in place means that anyone attempting to gain access to the property without the necessary authorisation will be quickly prevented or ejected.

Vandalism – Patrolling personnel and security cameras can reduce the chances of vandalism within a hotel’s grounds.

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