Top 6 Tips on How to Stay Safe at Events in 2021
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23rd June 2021

What is Event Security Management?

Event Security Management is run by a security company, which is in charge of the safety and security of all attending a special event. The security company works in advance with the event organisers to plan for all possible risks, and they attempt to put a plan in place to mitigate these risks. On the day of the event, security guards will also be in attendance to manage crowds, ensure guest and staff safety and de-escalate the situation in the event of an unexpected incident.

What to Do in the Event of a Security Breach?

If your event experiences a security breach, it is important to quickly respond to it and rectify the situation as soon as possible. This will mean that there is as minimal damage as possible. Firstly, it is important to not panic during a security breach as reacting quickly when still in panic mode can lead to some silly mistakes. Instead, try and evaluate the situation and what is going on around you and develop a step-by-step plan on how to handle the situation.

Secondly, try and identify those at the event who can provide assistance, be it security guards, first aiders or emergency services. These trained professionals are trained specifically to handle situations and can provide clear instructions. With any security breaches, it is important to identify who is affected and if they require support or help.

After a security breach, security companies will ensure that everyone is safe and well and then work to identify how the breach happened and what to do to stop it from occurring again. 

How to Stay Safe at an Event

Although it is difficult to predict what exactly will happen in an event, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of staying safe.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

If an emergency does happen, ensuring that you are in clothing and footwear that is easy to move in will be a benefit. Flat shoes that are securely on your feet will help you run if you need to. Additionally, choosing clothing that will shelter you from the weather may come in useful if you cannot leave an outdoor event. Loose clothing can be easily stepped on or caught when trying to exit an event quickly, so try to avoid this.

2. Stay Alert

Staying alert during a big event is important as it can keep yourself and your friends safe. If you are in a large crowd, stay alert and keep an eye on your surroundings, looking for anyone acting suspiciously. Additionally, it is important to look for any bags that have been left unaccompanied as these are great security risks – any found should be reported immediately to the nearest security guard.

3. Watch your alcohol intake

It is understandable that you will want to relax and enjoy a drink or two at many large events. However, it is important to watch how much you are consuming for two main reasons. Firstly, alcohol can mean that you lose your inhibitions and begin to become unaware of your surroundings – which means that you will not be alert and aware. As a result, if an incident were to happen, you may not be able to react safely, which could put you in danger. Drinking can also mean that you react differently and are more likely to engage in unruly behaviour – leading to you placing your safety at risk.

Secondly, alcohol can be dehydrating, leaving the body thirsty and likely to pass out. Therefore, when drinking, make sure that you drink plenty of water alongside your alcohol to stay hydrated.

4. Ensure that your mobile phone is charged

The vast majority of the population now own smartphones, and they are a great way to communicate with others, whether you get separated from your group, or you have to contact the emergency services. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your phone is fully charged before attending an event so that you always have access to others. If the event is a day-long or over a number of days, consider bringing a portable charger to keep the battery topped up. Portable Chargers are inexpensive but can help you in your time of need. As long as you have a mobile signal, you will be able to contact others if you have to.

5. Share your plans and location with others

If you are heading to a large event where there will be big crowds, it is important to let your friends or family know where you are going and roughly when you will be back. This is important as if an incident or emergency does occur, those close to you will know that you are there and be able to alert the emergency services if they have not heard from you. Another great idea is to share your location with others on your phone so that you can be easily tracked in big crowds – this can be turned on and off, so it doesn’t need to share your location on an everyday basis, just during big events.

6. Remain calm

If there is an unexpected emergency at an event, it is important to remain calm to think clearly and handle the situation. If you can, take a second to take a deep breath and evaluate what is going on. Trust your intuition and if you feel unsafe, contact a security guard or member of staff at the event to ask for assistance.

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