Working As A Door Supervisor- What You Need To Know
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30th September 2021

If you are considering a career as a door supervisor, there are many steps that you need to complete in order to be allowed to work as one within the UK. This includes gaining a security certification and applying for a licence from the Security Industry Authority. As the information on how to do this online can be confusing, we have pulled together all the information that you require into one simple guide. Take a look at our summary of what you need to know.


What Is A Door Supervisor

A door supervisor, often known as a ‘bouncer’, works at the doors of establishments such as pubs, bars and nightclubs. Their role is to enforce the entry policy, regulating who is allowed into the premises, and they are also there to ensure the safety of who is inside the premises. Generally, they are more likely to work at weekends and in the evenings as that is when these types of businesses are open.

What Is An SIA Door Supervisor?

An SIA Door Supervisor is a supervisor who holds a licence from the Security Industry Authority, a body responsible for regulating the private security industry within the UK. The licence ensures that all Door Supervisors are correctly trained and work to a high standard, no matter their location across the country. Their day to day duties includes checking tickets, managing queues, patrolling the venue and dealing with any conflict or incidents that arrives. Door supervisors tend to be first aid trained to keep patrons safe.

Do I Need A Door Supervisor License?

If you are working as a door supervisor or performing certain activities such as protecting private property or members of the public, then you require a Door Supervisor Licence, which is granted by the SIA. There are some exemptions to this rule if you are working for certain employers. Details on these exemptions can be found in the Private Security Industry Act (2001), in Section 4 (4).

What Is A Level 2 Door Supervisor 

This is a Door Supervisor that has achieved Level 2 Award certification. This helps those applying for their SIA licence as it is a pre-requisite under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act. To apply to undertake this qualification, applicants must be over 18 years old and have competent English skills, with an English qualification. More details on the level of qualifications needed can be found on individual college websites.

What Is The Door Supervisor License Cost?

To apply for an SIA door supervisor licence, the application fee is around £190. This fee is for the application processing and cannot be refunded. Once you have submitted the application, it will take around 25 working days to receive a response from the SIA. If your licence is granted, it is valid for three years before you need to reapply. The individual usually meets this cost; however, it can sometimes be covered by security firms looking to hire new staff as an incentive.

How Do I Become A Door Supervisor?

There are many different paths to becoming a door supervisor, however, the most common is through college courses or private training courses. Many colleges provide the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision that can be used for the private security industry and will help you gain an SIA licence. There are around 4 different training modules within these courses that include conflict management, physical intervention skills, door supervision specialist, and working within the private security industry. These four models have to be completed, and an exam passed to gain the level 2 qualification.

Alternatively, there are private training courses that will allow you to gain your door supervisor’s licence. A list of these private training providers can be found on the SIA website. It is important to ensure that they are accredited by the SIA before starting the courses in order to ensure that it will count towards your SIA licence.

Once you have received your door supervision accreditation, you can then complete the paperwork and officially apply for the SIA licence.

What Is A Door Supervisor Qualitfication?

A door supervision qualification allows you to obtain an SIA licence, which allows you to be a door supervisor in the UK. It provides the skills and knowledge that you need to do the job of a door supervisor safely.  Without a licence linked qualification, whether this is from a college or other provider, you cannot gain the appropriate SIA licence.

If you are looking to become a door supervisor or security guard and require some more information or have any questions, contact us today. Region Security Guarding provides a range of security services across the UK and are experts within the security field. If you are looking to hire security personnel or door supervisors, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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