What Security Guard Services Do I Need for my Business?
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Written by regionadmin

12th July 2021

Whether you want to implement security guards into a retail business, office block, warehouse or at a one-off event, it is important to decide how many guards you will require to keep your business and any staff or patrons safe. The number of security guards that you employ will have a direct impact on the security of your property and the safety and comfort of all those involved.

 There are many factors to consider when coming up with how many guards you will require – from the size of your space, what type of business you run and how many people require protection. Region security are experts in protecting all kinds of events, and to help you out, we have created a quick guide to security guards for businesses to help you get started.

How Many Security Guards Per Square Foot?

As a general rule, spaces with a larger area will require more security guards than venues and smaller premises. This is because a larger space will need more guards spread out so that they are close enough to respond quickly if any incidents happen. However, space should not be the biggest concern, as a busy event in a space requires more protection than a quiet event, as there are more people to deal with. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of people attending an event or expected at a retail outlet in order to gauge how many security guards are required.

 For empty warehouses or buildings where there will not be members of the public, a starting point would be one security officers per 500 square feet of space. This is a starting figure that can then be altered accordingly to fit your individual company’s security requirements. Your security company should be able to advise you on what is best for your business.


How Many Security Guards Per Person?

If you are looking for security guards for an event, or retail outlet where members of the public will be, one of the main factors to take into consideration when thinking about how many security guards you require is whether the customers or attendees are likely to have been drinking alcohol. This is because events with those under the influence tend to require more staffing as there are increased security risks.

 If your event is not serving alcohol, a rough guide would be one security guard per 150 guests. However, this ratio should increase to one security guard per 75 guests if alcohol is being consumed.

 As well as considering alcohol intake, also factor in the size of your event. While these ratios above are perfect for smaller events, larger events may require more security officers in order to control crowds. If your event is over 1000 people, for example, it may be worth reducing the ratio to one guard for every 30-50 people attending for extra support to be in place should something go wrong. It is also worth considering extra guards above these numbers to monitor doors, fire exits and VIP or restricted areas.


If your event is not serving alcohol, a rough guide would be one security guard per 150 guests. However, this ratio should increase to one security guard per 75 guests if alcohol is being consumed.

What Are The Services That A Security Professional Can Provide?

Security guards can provide a number of services – from static guarding to mobile patrols. Their main responsibility is to ensure that any event or business is properly secure and is safe for both staff and visitors.

 For events, government guidelines stipulate that the organiser of an event is responsible for the health and safety of the event space and those attending the event. They are also responsible for a risk assessment, and event security can contribute to this documentation.

 For retail premises or warehouses, security guards protect businesses from potential criminal damage, saving them money in the long run by reducing the number of repairs and replacement stock required. This is because security staff are a great deterrent that put off criminals targeting the business.

 No matter what type of business, security guards give business owners peace of mind as they know that there are trained security officers on-site, ready to respond to any issues and protect the business.


What Security Services Suit What Businesses

Static security guards are a great idea for shops, officers and retail outlets, as well as large events that need the entrances and exits supervised. This allows businesses to better control who is allowed to enter the premises and reduces the likelihood of issues during your event. Security guards also offer that extra peace of mind to customers or event-goers, meaning that they feel comfortable staying at your business for longer.

 If, however, you are looking to protect a large factory or warehouse. Then mobile security patrols may be a better option. They are particularly effective out of hours when these premises are empty and a larger target for criminals. Visible mobile security officers that perform random, unpredictable checks are a deterrent for criminals, as they can see they are more likely to get caught. This can reduce the number of incidents on-site, leading to business owners saving money over time.

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