What is it like to be a Security Guard?
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12th May 2021

If you are considering a career in the security industry or are in the market for hiring security guards for your company, it is important to know as much about the role as possible. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you. So, what is it like to be a security guard?

Are security guards self-employed?

There is no clear answer to this – it is entirely dependant on the company that you work for and the contract you have. Some security guards are employed by workplaces independently and are self-employed. Some companies hire ‘freelance’ security guards who would still be classed as self-employed, while other companies treat their staff as employees. The main difference is that self-employed security guards need to determine their own tax and national insurance, while the company does this for employed security guards.

Are security guards keyworkers?

According to UK Government Guidance, security guards can be classed as key workers but only in certain circumstances. The guidance states “that the current definition of key worker DOES include regulated (licence holding) security professionals, essential to national infrastructure, operating in critical roles”. However, it is important to note that not all licence holders are considered key workers as it is dependent on their role.

Do security guards get hazard pay?

Security guard pay is dependant on the company that they work for, their job role and where they are located. Generally, there is no extra hazard pay involved as the role of a security guard is clear to those applying for it. Many companies do competitively pay their staff and give them additional training to tackle any hazards.

Is Being A Security Guard Fun?

Being a security guard is like many other career paths – some people love it, and some do not. Being a security guard gives you training and experience that you can use in many different fields and can lead to further opportunities in the security sector. Depending on the type of security guard that you are, the job can have regular hours or shift work. However, the role of a security guard changes every day depending on the different situations that you find yourself in.

Is Being A Security Guard Dangerous?

There is a common misconception that a career in the security industry is dangerous and too risky, and this can put people off considering this particular career path. While security guards are put in place to protect people and businesses, it is also important to note that SIA licenced guards receive robust training that helps prepare them for these situations, limiting the risk as they are trained on how to handle a variety of scenarios correctly. This means that security guards are trained on how to effectively deescalate situations before they become an issue.

Is Being A Security Guard Easy?

Being a security guard is not a walk in the park – it requires training that you have to pass to ensure that you can do your job safely. Additionally, when on the job, security guards are there to protect the business that they are working for. Therefore, it is important that security guards do not become too laid-back as they need to stay vigilant and alert. If a security guard follows the training and guidance that they are given, it is easy to do your job correctly.

SIA licenced guards receive robust training that helps prepare them for these situations, limiting the risk as they are trained on how to handle a variety of scenarios correctly

Do Security Guards Make Good Money?

Like many of the other questions on this list, there is no definitive answer as it depends on where you are located, the remit of your role and the company that you work for. Some security jobs do pay lower wages that are close to minimum wage, while others pay well above this. Security guards with good levels of training that hold an SIA licence receive higher pay than others as they have more skills and expertise. Once in a role, you can also improve your skills and qualifications that will be valuable to your employer, which can earn you more money. If your employer does not wish to increase your wage, there are others that will.

Is Security A Boring Job?

The idea that being a security guard is boring is a common misconception by the public that could not be further from the truth. Security Guards can work in a variety of different environments, including office buildings, shopping malls, clubs & bars, factories, warehouses and building sites and play a vital role in these locations. Security guards are a significant aspect of any business, and it is important that they realise this. If you see yourself as boring and insignificant, then the business that you work for is left vulnerable and can be seen as a target for criminals.

Is Being A Security Guard Worth It?

Many security guards experience great job satisfaction as they know that they are keeping people safe and protecting a business from harm. Security guards love the variety that can come with their role and are constantly improving their skill set with training.

Is Being A Security Guard Stressful?

Like any job, there are stressful aspects of the job, but this can be dealt with effectively by following protocols and training.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Security Guard?

There are many benefits to being a security guard. Firstly, security guards receive a lot of training and can develop a variety of skills that make them more employable and experienced. This means that even if you are looking to become a security guard for a few years, you will benefit from the role. Additionally, the role of a security guard comes with a variety of scheduling possibilities. Many businesses require protection around the clock rather than just during the day – this means that you can request shifts that fit around your schedule.

Furthermore, being a qualified security guard can lead to many different kinds of job opportunity depending on the company that you work for and where you are located. This means that you can find a role that suits you – whether it is monitoring CCTV, being on patrol during the day or working the quieter night shift.

What Rights Does A Security Guard Have?

Like all workers in the UK, security guards have a right to fair working conditions and a base level of pay. Security Guards in the UK do not have the right to carry any weapons however can wear protective clothing, use reasonable force and carry handcuffs.


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