To know what the role of a security guard is first we need to know what is a security guard. A security guard is a person who patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. The main reason people hire security guards is to try and prevent crime. Security guards will monitor people and buildings to try and prevent crime. To get employed as a security guard you need to be, Time-Oriented, a people person, have basic math skills great written and verbal communication skills, and Law Knowledge. Having an SIA license will also greatly increase your chances of getting recruited.


What is the role of a security guard?

There are many different roles that a security guard can fill, some even fall outside of their job description. This article will cover the main roles that a security guard fulfils and what you would expect from a security guard.


Control access for employees, visitors, and outside contractors

Security guards are responsible for controlling who enters and exits the premises that they are guarding. Sometimes they might need to keep a record of who is entering and exiting the premises, when they entered and how long they stayed. This is usually recorded in a logbook supplied by the employer.


Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property

When you are a security guard you are responsible for protecting the people and items on the employer’s property but also stopping any unlawful activity like criminal damage and theft. When a security guard sees any unlawful activity they need to report it to the police and ensure that all evidence is preserved at the scene of the crime.


Monitor alarms and closed-circuit tv camera

Another part of the security guard’s role is something less active. Monitoring alarm and CCTV is a crucial role in a security guard’s job. A guard may be asked to watching a CCTV of multiple areas within a client’s property. The guard will need to have good concentration skills and be well-rested if this is a late-night shift


Responding to emergencies

To ensure proper response in case of an emergency security guards should carry out regular drills. During the drills, the security guard should let everyone know what is expected from them. They should also be responsible for contacting the emergency services and evacuating the area in the actual event of something serious happening.


Write Daily Reports

In some jobs, a security guard may be expected to write daily reports. the security guard should be reporting about their daily activities and irregularities. This includes things such as equipment or property damage, theft, the presence of unauthorised persons, and unusual occurrences.


Answering phone calls and other duties

A security guard may be the only person at an employee’s premises late at night. This means they are responsible for any phone calls and should act as a pseudo receptionist. They should also check the heating and other electrical equipment being left on overnight.


A security guards job responsibilities vary from one employer to another, some examples of this are:

  • In retail, stores guards protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment. They also have the authority to detain shoplifting until the police arrive.
  • In offices, banks, hotels, and hospitals security guards maintain order and protect the staff, property, and customers
  • In museums or art galleries, guards will protect the painting by watching who goes near them and checking if they are still in good quality upon entering
  • At bars and nightclubs guards more commonly known as bouncers keep under-age people from ten
  • Guarding at Universities, parks, and at sporting events, the guard’s main focus will be crowd control, they also will supervise parking and seating and direct traffic to keep it flowing
  • In factories, government buildings, and military bases. Some security guards are hired to protect information. They also may have to check the credentials of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises
  • Security Guards who work in the transportation security sector usually use screens to protect people. You will see these often at airports, train stations, and other transportation facilities.



As you can tell the roles a security guard can fulfil are very broad and wide. It can be a rewarding job if the guard is experienced in a lot of the roles listed here as this would increase their job opportunities. Being a security guard is not as easy as sitting or standing and protecting one spot, there is a varied selection of sectors and roles a security guard can undertake so picking the one that fits the guard best is important.