Should Security Guards Be In Schools?
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22nd June 2021

Should Schools Have Security Guards?

In recent years there have been increased levels of violence and threat within the U.K. schools. Additionally, break-ins are also on the rise, and school buildings are vulnerable as they are empty overnight, during weekends and for long periods over the holidays. Parents and Families can become concerned about the safety of their children while in school, and a well-coordinated security presence can make them feel better and keep both staff and pupils safe.

Can School Security Guards Touch You?

Security Guards are allowed to physically restrain people like the general public are, but only if it is necessary. Any member of the public is permitted to use reasonable force to protect themselves and others. Security training includes a section on how to effectively restrain someone from stopping them from being a harm to themselves and others. Security guards can also detain people until the police are able to attend the location if necessary.

What Do School Security Guards Do?

Security guards can be installed in schools to ensure that both the staff and pupils are kept safe. They can also improve the safety of the actual building, especially when it is empty overnight and at the weekend. To attempt to stop unauthorised persons from entering the premises, they can control entrances and access points to the school. They can conduct regular but random patrols of the school campus both during the day and in the evening to ensure that it is safe and secure.

Additionally, security companies can install CCTV in and around the building, and security guards can be used to respond to any incidents caught on camera. Suppose there are any incidents involving angry or volatile students or visitors. In that case, security guards are trained to diffuse the situation, detain anyone if necessary and make sure that everyone feels safe. This can lead to a reduction in damage to the school building and threatening or violent behaviour against staff or pupils.

Would You Feel Safer With Armed Guards Patrolling Your School?

While armed guards do offer reassurance as they are equipped to deal with any situation, they can also worry many school pupils as they would be carrying arms that could cause potential harm. While there are some schools in the U.S.A that have armed guards, this is not possible within the U.K. as only specially trained police officers or the military are allowed to carry guns for protection.


According to U.K. law, it is illegal for close protection operatives or private security guards to be armed in the U.K. due to their strict gun control laws

Why Is Having Security Guards In School Important?

Having a security guard in a school is important as it can make the environment feel safer and reduce the risk of incidents. There are increasing complaints in educational establishments about bullying, with other issues, which can have an impact on well-being and academic achievement.

Security guards can patrol and protect a school campus and the pupil and staff within it. This means that the campus is well-guarded during the day when pupils are present and at night when it may be a target for break-ins or vandalism. Security guards will spend a lot of their time patrolling the buildings to ensure that there are no issues or security breaches. Schools with security guards are less likely to be the target of crime as they are a deterrent to criminals. This can save the school money over time as they will not need to repair as many damages to the property.

Benefits of Having Security Guards in Schools

Security guards who are highly trained and experienced can react well in an emergency situation, relying on their training to control the situation while staying calm and collected. Many are first aid trained and can tend to those who are unwell or wounded, helping them until a paramedic arrives. Additionally, if the area is not safe, security guards can escort pupils, teachers and visitors to a safe area. Security guards are also trained to liaise with the police if there is an issue that requires law enforcement.

Most importantly, perhaps, security guards can also provide reassurance for both pupils at the school and parents who send their pupils to it. As security guards can limit the impact of any incidents and keep the building safe from intruders, parents can be rest assured that their children are in a safe and secure learning environment.

Should Security Guards Be Armed In Schools?

According to U.K. law, it is illegal for close protection operatives or private security guards to be armed in the U.K. due to their strict gun control laws. Therefore there is no debate over whether security guards should be armed in schools as it is not possible.

How Can We Improve School Security?

There are many steps that can be taken to improve school security. Firstly, it is vital to secure all access points to the building as this can stop the intrusion of unwanted visitors. Having fewer access points that are operated by security staff allows the school to know exactly who is entering the premises and when.

Additionally, adding CCTV to a school building can deter criminals from targeting the empty building and can also deter pupils who are considering causing incidents that may damage school property or harm other pupils. CCTV can be monitored, and on-site security guards can respond promptly to any issues, de-escalating them quickly.

Finally, security patrols around the school grounds and within the school building can improve school security. Like CCTV, security guards can act as a deterrent, and being on campus allows any incidents to be dealt with swiftly.

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