How Much Do Security Guards Make?
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19th May 2021

Do Security Guards Make Good Money?

There is no easy way to answer this question as a security guards’ salary can be based upon a variety of different factors. The location of the role is extremely important as those in large, expensive cities such as long as London, for example, tend to be paid more to compensate for their higher living expenses.

Another factor that impacts a security guard’s pay is experience and qualifications. Generally, the more experience or training that you have received the higher the salary. The higher up in the security industry that you go, the more money you will make.

What Are The Best Paying Security Jobs?

The most lucrative security job is that of a close protection officer. Close protection officers or bodyguards protect a certain individual or group of people. While we may automatically think of celebrities as having bodyguards, they can also be employed by wealthy businessmen, politicians or even rich parents for their children. Bodyguards are trained to identify potential risks and avoid these threats, offering their client peace of mind. As those with large amounts of money often employ close protection officers, the pay reflects this.

Low-risk operations within the UK can pay up to £300 to £400 per day, while overseas medium risk operations can earn you between £400-500 per day. Higher risk operations are paid accordingly, at around £1000-£1500 per day. Working these operations, however, does require extensive training and hours of experience. The role has a higher risk of danger and harm than other security jobs, which is why the pay is significantly higher. There are also fewer benefits involved with the job, such as pension payments as close protection officers tend to be self-employed, working on a contractual basis.

How Much Does A Security Guard Earn Per Hour?

According to, the average wage of a security guard is around £9.45 per hour. However, it is important to note that this is dependent on a variety of factors such as location, job expectations, and experience. This can also increase as a security guard gains more experience.

What Benefits Do Security Guards Get?

Being a security guard comes with many benefits, from job satisfaction to financial reward. As a security guard, you can learn a number of transferable skills and can undertake official training to gain even more experience. Many security companies pay their guards extra if they work overtime, meaning that their monthly wage can increase. Security companies can also make pension contributions for their employees which will benefit them in their retirement.


 Adzuna state that security guards earn around £22,715 a year on average, however again this figure is dependent on location and experience. The good news is that demand for security guards is rising, with job advertisements up 7.3% last year

How Much Do Security Guards Get Paid Per Year?

There are many different roles within the security industry, each with its own responsibilities and expectations. Below we have detailed two of the key roles within the security field and a brief description of their job, alongside their average salary.

CCTV Operator

A CCTV operator’s job is based around maintaining and operating CCTV and surveillance equipment. The operators watch live video footage, keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour and passing it on to the authorities or to on-call security guards. If there has been an incident, CCTV operators can also look back on the footage to try and find the persons responsible. CCTV can also be used in court as evidence to convict criminals. According to Adzuna, CCTV operators earn around £26,704 on average, however, this differs depending on the role.

Security Guard

Security Guards can be in charge of protecting a variety of different environments, from office buildings and shopping centres to building sites and warehouses. Security companies may visit the site before starting to evaluate the potential security risks before creating a personalised plan. Security guards will then be put in place to patrol the area and monitor for any suspicious behaviour. Security guards can check those entering or exiting the premises and can enforce health and safety procedures. Adzuna state that security guards earn around £22,715 a year on average, however again this figure is dependent on location and experience. The good news is that demand for security guards is rising, with job advertisements up 7.3% last year. Demand leads to higher pay in order to attract good candidates for the job and this can be seen in the 2.4% rise in average pay over the past year – higher than the rise in most other career paths.


Security guarding is an extremely rewarding job with a growing demand in the marketplace. While the salary of a security guard may vary depending on many of the factors that we have discussed above, it is important to note that the average salary is rising due to demand. As a security guard receives more training and becomes more experienced, they can progress in their career to new job roles such as trainers or bodyguards and earn more money.

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